This Morning on WLBT: Milestone for new concert venue

Good morning! The box office at the new Brandon Amphitheater will open for the first time this morning. The first show at the sprawling outdoor complex is next Wednesday. We'll take a closer look. The mayor of Jackson says he does not support the proposed relocation of the Jackson Zoo. Its leadership continues to pursue the move to LeFleur's Bluff State Park. We'll have an update. And there will be some changes in the weather as we get closer to the weekend, but Thursday should be q...

Look Around Mississippi: Magnolia Mardi Gras

Look Around Mississippi: Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge

Look Around Mississippi - Church Revival

Look Around Mississippi - Lost Treasure

Look Around Mississippi: Wooden Creations

Look Around Mississippi: HAM Radios

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Look Around Mississippi - Old Jacinto Courthouse

Look Around Mississippi: Poplarville After the Fire

Look Around Mississippi - What was Once Old is New Again

Look Around Mississippi: Mt. Ridge Methodist Church

Look Around Mississippi: The Bernheimer House

Look Around Mississippi: The Woodcarver

Look Around Mississippi - The Best of the Worst

As you could tell Thursday, we are in the rainy season.  Walt Grayson tells us the rain seems to bring out the worst in the Delta, which may have contributed to bringing out the best in some its artists.  Walt explains as he goes looking around Mississippi.

Look Around Mississippi: A Fascination With Model Trains

Cliff Powers of Brandon got his first electric train one Christmas a long time ago. But model trains for Cliff aren't just holiday sport. It's almost a way of life.

Look Around Mississippi - Lighting the Way

Christmas lights are popping out all over.  Folks at Louisville have been traveling out east of town to Bakers Acres for years to see this lighting tradition.  Walt Grayson takes us there as we go looking around Mississippi.

Look Around Mississippi - French Camp

Here in our state you don't have to go far to find something interesting when it comes to Christmas decorations.  French Camp has some community lights and for the third year now they've kicked off the holidays with a community Christmas open house.  Walt Grayson has more in Friday night's look around Mississippi.

Look Around Mississippi: Christmas in Lights at the Agriculture Museum

Look Around Mississippi: Christmas Lights on the Lake

Look Around Mississippi: The One-Day Artist

Look Around Mississippi - Toys of Old

Look Around Mississippi: The Oldest Christmas Parade in the State

Look Around Mississippi - Trees of Christmas

Look Around Mississippi - Making Molasses

Making sorghum syrup was becoming a dying art, but the younger generation has picked up on it at Mantachie High School in Itawamba County.  It's new to them, but living history to the older folks in the community.  Walt Grayson has more in Friday's look around Mississippi.

Look Around Mississippi: MDOT Helps Kids Learn

The Mississippi Department of Transportation is partnering with teachers and schools all over the state to try to make sure that youngsters today develop an interest in the skills necessary for us to stay competitive in the world of tomorrow.

Look Around Mississippi: Timeless Thanksgiving Tradition

This is a timeless story about a Thanksgiving tradition - about a community Thanksgiving church service Walt Grayson went to 15 years ago.

Look Around Mississippi - Military Funeral

The National Guard here in Mississippi has several teams scattered around the state whose members have volunteered to spend pretty much all of their active duty time carrying out the final honor that can be bestowed on a veteran, and the duty of a military funeral is one they don't take lightly.  Walt Grayson has more in Friday night's look around Mississippi.

Look Around Mississippi: Magnolia Honey Jelly

This is a follow-up on a group of people in Woodville that we met early this year. They were making jelly in their basement and selling it around the world on the Internet.

Look Around Mississippi - Years of Wishing

Nella Fay Estess loves the south western part of the United States-the grasses, the cactus and the deserts.  She may have never been there but, all she has to do is step out into her yard in Belzoni to catch a glimpse.  Walt Grayson has more in Friday night's look around Mississippi.

Look Around Mississippi - Peter Anderson Festival

The 28th annual Peter Anderson Festival was held a week or so ago in Ocean Springs.  The downtown arts and crafts fair sprang back quickly after Hurricane Katrina.  Walt Grayson has more as we go looking around Mississippi.

Look Around Mississippi - Tracing Branches

Nature has doubled up in one Port Gibson man's grandparent's yard. A cedar and an oak tree are growing from the same trunk.  And in Friday night's look around Mississippi, Walt Grayson shows us this unique thing you just don't see everyday.

Look Around Mississippi: The Gypsy Queen's Grave

Rose hill is a quiet, peaceful cemetery west of downtown in meridian. There are some notable graves here -- founding fathers, civic leaders.

Look Around Mississippi: St. Ann's on Bayou Caddy

Everybody has a building that has special meaning to them -- an old home, maybe Grandma's house. For the Ladner family in Hancock County, it's an old church that's still standing after Katrina -- it's just not standing where it used to be.

Look Around Mississippi - Classical Mill Town

Walt Grayson is back with us again as he usually is on Friday, to take us looking around Mississippi, and this week he's found an unusual town. There's not another exactly like it in Mississippi, the town of Stonewall in Clark County.

Look Around Mississippi - Hill Fire Series

It's almost time for another run of Hill Fire in Winona.  Hill Fire is the series of plays where they act out stories of local people and events, and it's getting to the point that one of the biggest things ever to hit Winona is Hill Fire itself.  Walt Grayson has more in Friday night's look around Mississippi.