These Are The Rules

These are the rules. Please read the rules in their entirety before registering your choir submitting your video to participate in WLBT's Morning Glory campaign.

Rockhill Church of Christ Holiness U.S.A. Church Choir

Cathedral Sanctuary Choir

Free Mission Mass Choir

Farish Street Baptist Church Intergenerational Choir

A.L. Barnes Celestial Choir

Springhill Inspirational Choir

Continued Coverage

Anderson United Methodist Church Youth Choir

First Presbyterian Church Choir

Truelight Future Generation Choir

Jackson Revival Center Church Choir

Cade Chapel MB Church Bio

Large Choir Groups

Dr. L. Lavon Gray Bio

Read more about First Baptist Church of Jackson's choir director, Dr. L. Lavon Gray.

Lashunna D. Blackmon Bio

Read more about Anderson United Methodist Church's Youth Choir Director, Lashunna D. Blackmon

Alonzo Williams Bio

"If I can help somebody along the way, then my living shall not be in vain." With those words said, read more about South Liberty Missionary Baptist Church's choir director, Alonzo Williams.

Kelli Arlette Grant Bio

Read more about South Liberty Missionary Baptist Church's choir director, Kelli Arlette-Grant.

South Liberty M.B. Church Mass Choir

Jerry Smith Bio

Won by One

Vanessa Chambliss-Norman Bio

Brian K. Hall Bio

Greater Faith Worship Center Mass Choir

Vernita Barton Bio

Read more about Truelight Missionary Baptist Church's choir director, Vernita Barton.

Clifford M. Harris Bio

Read more about the Free Mission Baptist Church's choir director, Clifford M. Harris.

Rickey L. Thigpen Bio

Read about Cade Chapel MB Baptist Church's minister of music, Rickey L. Thigpen.

General Information

WLBT's local church choir competition, to be held March 20 - April 7, 2006. Click Here for more information.

The Finalists Are In

The finalists have been chose in WLBT's Local Church Choir Competition, Morning Glory.  Stay tuned for your chance to vote on your favorite small, medium and large church choir.

Registration Instructions

Please read all the Instructions before submitting your packet.