New Ways to Prevent Colon Cancer

Studies find possibly one easy way to prevent and treat colon cancer. New research finds and aspirin a day may help keep colon cancer away, even in those who already have the disease.

Exercise Helps!

Diet Can Help Prevent Colon Cancer

Vitamin D for Breast and Colon Cancer Protection

Colonoscopy Alternative

When It Comes to a Colonoscopy, What You Know About Your Doctor Is Important

What Happens During A Colonoscopy

Continued Coverage

Stool Test Can Reduce Colorectal Cancer Deaths

Study shows capacity exists to screen population within one year

Side effects dim hope for aspirin regimen to prevent colon cancer

Preventing, Diagnosing and Treating Colon Cancer

Aspirin's Affect on Colon Cancer

Health Alert: Reducing colon cancer risk

Gene Testing For Colon Cancer

There are two genes that account for a high risk of colon cancer, but how do you know if you should be tested to see if you have those genes?

Clues of Colon Cancer

Dr. Andy Shaver is a gastroenterologist. Ironically, it is the type of cancer he looks for as a doctor that could have taken his life as a patient. "It's thought that it takes a polyp probably 10 years

Super D Drugs

Colon Cancer Awareness Flyer

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American Cancer Society Study Finds Health Conscious Adults Not Being Screened for Colorectal Cancer

If my test is positive, does it mean I have cancer?

Is the test difficult or painful?

What are the chances of survival for someone with colorectal cancer?

If my test is negative, does it mean I don't have cancer?

How will I know if my test is positive?

How does the screening program work?

The program is based on a simple, take-home test called EZ DETECT, manufactured by BIOAMERICA and distributed through Super D Drug Stores.

When does the screening end?

EZ DETECT kits will be available for free at Super D Drug Stores while supplies last, or until March 20, 2005.

American Cancer Society