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A Tragic Accident and A House Falling In

Sandy's Aftermath and What We've Learned

Highway accidents and traffic control

Continued Coverage

Remembering 9/11

"We Need Help!"

The tale of two women

Ole Miss in the news

They Are There When You Need Them

Gangs? What Gangs

Getting It Right

The city of Jackson has done a splendid job of getting most of the downtown area ready for the International Ballet Competition. This world class event is just one of many events Jackson can be proud of hosting.

Where's Mississippi?

Just in case you missed it, here it is again. The now famous t-shirt that was sold at last weekend's Jimmy Buffett concert at Gulf Shores, Alabama.

An Epic Catastrophe

Legendary explorer Jacques Cousteau would have been horrified according to Reuters news service. His son, Philippe calls it a nightmare. Without question, it is a monumental catastrophe.

More observations on the oil spill

Let's be honest. If the local officials and residents had been given a free hand much earlier to respond to the massive oil spill in the gulf, things would have been much different.

BP's Safety Record

Like a dog chasing its tail

More answers are needed

Soccer match fight

New education study out

JPS's Battle With Obesity

Avalanche of snow pictures

I want to thank all of you who sent in snow pictures to our web site two weeks ago. Not only, because you made so many great pictures, but you made WLBT the media of the month for our media service, VMIX.

Doing the right thing

Thankfully, it looks like there is an animal cruelty bill in the legislature that most everyone can live with. Mississippi is one of a handful of states that allows people

Finally, a ray of sunshine

Two years ago, Attorney General Jim Hood settled a lawsuit against State Farm insurance. He had investigated the company for not settling lawsuits against it by policyholders who were victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Why the traffic nightmare?

I had a chance to tour a number of Jackson streets Thursday morning. Not because I wanted to, but because I had to. Virtually everything in north Jackson was bumper to bumper due to I-55 southbound at Lakeland being shut down because of an overturned 18-wheeler.

Car thieves beware

For you car thieves out there, be forewarned about where you conduct your business. Do not go to Madison. Repeat, do not go to Madison to break into vehicles and steal stuff, even if the car is unlocked.

The parade of parades

It ain't easy being green. That's the theme of this year's Mal's St. Paddy's Day Parade, one of America's largest such parades.

The flag police strikes again

Would you believe this? How stupid can someone be? Once again, a government entity in the city of Jackson has committed a huge breach in the U.S. Flag Code.

Big price tag for monitoring weather alert sirens

Almost $150,000 a year just to monitor weather alert sirens. That's what Hinds County pays a local company to do.

Our Ability To Respond

Last weekend's terrible tornado was a testament to textbook preparation by a lot of people in our state. Weather experts including our own meteorologists were able to warn you nearly a week in advance that this was coming.

Too Fat to Fight

A crisis in the strategic readiness of our nation's military has been revealed not once but twice this week. On the national level, 1 out of 4 young adults are too fat to qualify for military service.

Double Parked

A citizen takes issue with an AMR ambulance taking up two handicapped parking spaces at a drug store parking lot.

A remarkable health leader's life

He was recently recognized as the outstanding health officer in the country by the National Association of Local Boards of Health.

Cleaning up Farish Street

One of our viewers writes: "They let whoever they want in with a gun. All you have to do is pay them or know them. I've been to Birdland before and I was only like 19 or 20 and that was the first and last time I went....

A Judge's Dilemma

Initially, he was reluctant to open his courtroom to news cameras after the state Supreme Court allowed it. But, now this distinguished jurist did an about-face several years ago.

Where and How Much to Cut

We reported last week the good news that the Jackson metro area was listed in a national economic report as being in recovery from the recession.

Thanking Those Who Serve

In this, the eighth year of the global war on terrorism, America has over 200,000 troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Importance of Viewer Input

Two local stories this week have generated a huge amount of interest from our viewers as well as the national media. Most of you who responded to our web questions felt Carla Hughes was guilty....

A New Smith Park and a New Woodrow Wilson Avenue

Back in April, I called attention to the deplorable condition of Smith Park, downtown Jackson's only park.

Vini Vidi Vici

In 1964 events in Mississippi had turned for the worst. But, people were determined to change that. And they did. A number of folks made a difference in the turmoil and hatred.

JPS American Flags.....Not Again!!

They said it would never happen again. The Jackson Public Schools told me that several years ago when I called attention to some pathetic flags at one of their schools as well as their downtown headquarters.

The President's Health Care Plan

The hot button issue has landed. Nothing has caused more controversy in America this year than the president's proposed health care plan.

U.S.S. Jack Lucas?

Last Friday all six members of Mississippi's congressional delegation came together in a spirit of cooperation. They wrote a letter to the Secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus, former governor of Mississippi to ask for a favor.

A Viewer Comments on Flags

And now this viewer feedback: "Thank you for reporting the lack of respect, and abuse that some citizens show our great American flag.

What Would You Do?

It's hard to say what you would do if you witnessed a violent crime in progress. Such was the case this past Saturday after a Hazlehurst man stole gas, then cigarettes from a convenience store in Georgetown.

Accident or Stupidity?

The historic Greenwood Cemetery next to downtown has been a serious embarrassment for the City of Jackson. A month ago a storm toppled a massive oak onto some tombstones damaging some of them severely,

Making Jackson a Safe City

If you live in Jackson you could likely choose the next mayor in next Tuesday's Democratic runoff. Whoever is elected will face a huge responsibility.

Mickey Mouse & Absentee Voting

The chairman of the House Medicaid Committee is playing Mickey Mouse politics while on Space Mountain. Good ole Mississippi politics.

The New Promises of Hope

"We will partner with the Hinds County Sheriff's office, the Hinds County Constables, the FBI, DEA, the ATF, Secret Service, the Capital Police,....

The Law and Justice

Let's say you are driving down the road and you come up on a bad accident. People are hurt and you are the first one on the scene. Do you stop and render aid or do you drive on and call 911?

Stupid Criminals

A 16 year old inner city youth is shot in the middle of the afternoon last week. Four times. Dead. No reason given. Fortunately, a man is arrested in Holmes County this week and charged with his murder.

Traveling to Learn to Travel

At a time when our federal government is spending your money like there's no tomorrow, along comes this gem about a HUD travel conference.

The War on Drugs

Often law officers feel overwhelmed at the number of criminals they go after and at the number they catch and are released. But, a bright spot happened this week.

Making a Difference

Who said kids can't make a difference? Last week WLBT News featured 13 dozen youngsters from all over the country spending part of their summer in the Jackson area making a difference...

30 Years Later And No Flood Control

It was the worst thing to hit Jackson since Sherman came to town 116 years earlier and changed the capital city to Chimneyville.

The Flag Police Return

To many Americans, few things are more spectacular than our nation's symbol valiantly waving in the wind. But, to the flag police few things are more upsetting than that same symbol tattered and torn waving in the breeze.

Bureaucratic Clouds that Need Sunshine

Years ago WLBT was gathering information for municipal elections. I called the Jackson City Clerks office and asked how many precincts they had.

Honoring Those Who Served

Right now, over 3,000 of our fellow Mississippians are mobilizing to return to Iraq. These brave men and woman in uniform have voluntarily taken up the call to serve our state and nation.

A Sad Smith Park

The Josh Halbert Gardens at City Hall are spectacular this time of the year. The fountain is back flowing again adding to the beauty of this historic site.

What Frank Did Best

Something Frank Melton was very good at was inspiring young people to always do the right thing. He loved talking to school groups all over the state about this.

Devin Britton faces Roger Federer at U-S Open

Brandon's Devin Britton has a real challenge at the 2009 U-S Open. The reigning NCAA singles champ is a wild-card entry and will face top-seeded Roger Federer in the first round.

DeLaughter Pleads Guilty

Hinds County Circuit Judge Bobby DeLaughter has pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice for lying to an FBI agent investigating a legal fees dispute he was hearing.

The Foxes vs The Hens

In the 'What are they trying to hide department' three Hinds County Board of Supervisors have called off a performance audit by the state auditor saying they will just do it themselves.

Some Good News About Jobs

In these days of our troubled economy, it's rare to hear much good news about opportunities. There are good deals out there, very good deals, if you just watch and listen to what our local merchants have to offer.

Justice for Sale as the End Draws Near

His fall from grace began some 30 years ago. Hinds County D.A. Ed Peters was a good prosecutor. But, at some point the rules of law started bending.

Open Government & Closed Government

Several years ago, then Chief Justice Ed Pittman had the foresight to examine whether most Mississippi courts should be open to cameras. A committee was formed led by Justice James Graves.

Rapist Killer to Go Free

Twenty-three years ago, Jean Elizabeth Gillies, a pregnant Ole Miss co-ed from Magnolia was tortured, raped, and murdered by Douglas Hodgkin.

Jackson's Gas Card Charges Out of Control

A big thumbs up to Jackson City Council's Budget Committee this week for calling attention to a huge misspending scandal. Over 900 city employees have used gas cards incorrectly or illegally.

The Lost Art of Verbal Communication

The state Department of Education is seeking public input on ways to bolster its curriculum and advance Mississippi students to a higher level.

Addressing This Dilemma, This Problem

It's a sad yet interesting dilemma facing us. Last week Bert Case brought us the story of how Holmes County has the 2nd highest unemployment rate in Mississippi

Mississippi Elections

All things considered it went much better than most people expected. Lines were long in the morning at some precincts.

Jackson Freebies?

Last week WLBT news broke the story of how a federal/state investigation is targeting the use of a thousand Fuelman cards used by Jackson employees.

You Can Run, But....

It was the brainchild of the man behind WLBT's Skycopter 3. A few years ago Coyt Bailey had the vision that the metro Jackson area law enforcement needed a helicopter to help control crime.

When A City Goes Too Far

Just when you think you've heard it all along comes this story. A northeast Jackson homeowner was paid a visit by a city inspector Tuesday afternoon.

President Bush's Jackson Fundraiser

President Bush comes to Jackson to raise money at a private luncheon Tuesday for Sen. Roger wicker. No policy statement, and no press availability either at the airport or at the fundraiser.

New Courses for Freshmen and Politicians

It was a good decision that was long overdue. Teaching high school freshman economics beginning this fall. That's the brainchild of the Mississippi Council on Economic Education through the State Department of Education.

A Pit Bull Strikes Again, Fatally

Two years ago in September, the Terry man who owned two pit bulls that badly mauled his neighbor was sentenced and fined for possessing a vicious animal.

On Melton and Crime

A couple of points now. First Mayor Frank Melton's federal indictment for violating the civil rights of a person who owned an alleged drug house.

Gangs on the Loose

In the mid to late 80's Jackson's gang problem was getting out of control. Criminal gangs were cropping up all over the inner city and gang members were killing each other.