Rep. Nikki Budzinski launches Farm Bill 101 Initiative

Published: Jun. 28, 2023 at 5:45 PM CDT
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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) - Rep. Nikki Budzinzki (D-IL) launched “Farm Bill 101″ this month, an initiative that showcases the importance of the legislation to Central and Southern Illinois and the need to pass it this year.

Budzinski just launched it on all of her social media accounts last Thursday.

“So we launched Farm Bill 101 this week because I wanted it to be an opportunity for us to really showcase all of the great agricultural initiatives that we have within the district [and] why the Farm Bill is so important to working families and family farmers,” said Rep. Budzinski.

The farm bill is a legislation package that is passed every five years by Congress. It includes agricultural and food programs that support farmers who grow crops and raise animals and nutrition programs like SNAP.

Congresswoman Budzinski said she thinks the campaign could highlight parts of the bill that many people might not know about now.

“Some people do have a general awareness, but I think it’s very top line. I think they think that it’s about SNAP benefits and crop insurance. But like I said, I think there are so many other really important things. We want to support agricultural research and innovation,” she said.

Farm Bill 101 currently features a web page explaining what the farm bill is, what programs are included in it and Budzinski’s priorities for it. In the coming months, Congresswoman Budzinski will be rolling out more videos and graphics her social media accounts, that will tell the story of the farm bill and the impact it has on families and people throughout the district she serves.

And while education is a key part of the campaign, Budzinski also hopes it helps her colleagues in Congress understand the urgency of getting it passed soon.

“My hope is that this can be an educational tool, but also add, I think a needed urgency to getting the farm bill done this summer,” she said.