Upset and Frustrated: Jackson residents disappointed with how city leaders are handling garbage situation

Published: Apr. 5, 2023 at 10:41 PM CDT
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Wednesday marks five days since the city of Jackson’s emergency garbage contract with Richard’s Disposal expired.

Five days later, there’s still no word on when or if residents will have anyone coming by to pick up their trash.

“I’m sad for the community, I’m sad for the state,” said James Hopkins, who’s a longtime Jackson resident.

In April of 2022, Hopkins wrote a letter to the city council, pleading for them to come together as one and select a garbage company for the city.

He feared residents would be left with no one to pick up their trash.

Nearly a year later, his fears have become a reality.

He believes this could become a health hazard and create an eyesore for the community.

”This is horrible, this is horrible, and lot of the people I talk to are older people who just can’t afford to jump in a truck and haul garbage off,” Hopkins expressed.

”There’s two ditches on both sides of these houses and all in these backyards, and those rats are just going to run to this trash,” said Paul O’Brien, who lives in the capital city.

In O’Brien’s neighborhood, trash is sitting out at the end of the driveway at a number of homes, but no one has come by to pick it up.

The Jackson resident said he’s now forced to come up with other solutions to get rid of his trash.

”I have friends in Rankin County that are wanting me to load it up in the back of my track and take it out there,” said O’Brien. It’s sad man, it ain’t supposed to be like this, it ain’t never been like this,” said Byron Brumfield, who’s a Jackson resident.”

“These people work hard, and they pay their taxes,” he continued. “The people they got in office should take care of this; it shouldn’t be no bickering about none of this.”

As days continue to pass by with city leaders remaining at odds over a garbage contract, residents are fearing this situation could last for weeks.

Hopkins said he will keep this in mind when it’s time for elections.

”I believe everybody is responsible,” Hopkins explained. “It’s not just the mayor’s fault, it’s not just the city council’s fault, it’s our fault too for putting these people in office. We have real problems in this city that needs to be addressed other than trash, but we can’t get to those problems because we can’t get our leaders to stop being trash.”

As of Wednesday night, the capital city remains without garbage pickup for the foreseeable future.

Thursday, the mayor will hold a press conference speaking on the future of trash pickup.

WLBT will stream the mayor’s press conference for you on our digital platforms and on our website.

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