‘I don’t have to prove anything’: Bogus online car dealer claims to be based in Jackson

Employee’s remarks come after BBB investigation reveals WoodBridge Auto Sales is not legitimate
Published: Mar. 14, 2023 at 7:08 PM CDT
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Two people from out of state say they got suspicious after seeing great deals on used cars from a company that claimed to be headquartered in Jackson, a company 3 On Your Side finds isn’t even licensed to do business in Mississippi.

“They want you wiring money, and you’ll never see the vehicle, and you never see the money,” said John O’Hara with the Better Business Bureau serving Mississippi.

The company in question -- WoodBridge Auto Sales -- began doing business on Facebook Marketplace, O’Hara said.

Customers in two states called him to ask about the business’ history because WoodBridge claims to operate in west Jackson.

O’Hara said when you call, an employee says to pay half the price, and they’ll drive it to you.

“It just got a little suspicious when they said they wanted to come see it. They were being very evasive when they started talking about, you know, how to pay,” O’Hara said.

The company claims to be located at 1241 University Boulevard in Jackson.

However, when 3 On Your Side visited the property, it appeared to be vacant and locked tight, with a cracked front door.

Several cars and trucks could be seen parked nearby, but those vehicles belong to customers getting work done at two mechanic shops nearby.

When we called the number listed on the website, someone who later said their name was “Jack” argued with us about their alleged location.

“You’re wrong. We are here,” Jack said. “You’re talking about the Google thing, which is not updated. So do not bull*** me.”

Jack then hung up and blocked the number.

When we called him from a different number, he called us an expletive and then said repeatedly that he didn’t have to explain himself to us.

“I don’t have to prove you anything,” Jack said. “Not scamming anyone. You’re in a big, big mistake.”

We then told him that we needed to know that he ran a legitimate business if we planned to purchase a vehicle.

“Why should I prove you something? Anything?” Jack said with a slight accent. “Who the f*** are you so I can prove you anything?”

Jack eventually told us a manager would talk to us, but that never materialized.

O’Hara said he hopes nobody ends up falling for any of this.

“Hopefully, we’ll get [the website] taken down soon. But we’re putting warnings out so that people and for Mississippians, if you’re out there looking for vehicles out of state, you know, be wary that this can happen to you, too.”

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