Black Voters Matter protests against HB 1020

Published: Mar. 14, 2023 at 11:24 PM CDT
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - A national advocacy group and local leaders gathered today at the State Capitol to urge lawmakers to vote no on House Bill 1020.

Arguably the most talked about bill this legislative session, House Bill 1020, continues to spark protests.

Black Voters Matter and other supporters of killing House Bill 1020 came to the capitol today to show their opposition to the bill.

”Our rights are under attack. What are we gonna do? Stand up, fight back.”

Black Voters Matter says they are dedicated to keeping Black voters and their issues at the forefront of the election process.

The issue they’re tackling right now? House Bill 1020.

“Mississippi is always the test case by the rest of the country. So we need everybody around this country to pay attention to what’s going on in Mississippi.”

The organization believes that HB 1020 is a hostile takeover attempt by the state and that Jackson’s citizens are not being considered.

“And now we have folks in that do not live in Jackson, and do not live in Hinds County that see fit to try to take those powers away from the elected officials. You can’t have that kind of hypocrisy and call yourself a child of God. You cannot make legislation that discriminates against people based on race. That is a violation of the law. And you know it.”

Many lifelong Jacksonians stepped up to the mic and offered their thoughts on the bill and the people who support it.

“But we have to come to the table and create a solution around safety that actually meets all of our needs. And not just some of us. We’re not attacking you because you want to be safe. We’re telling you that we want to be safe, too, and what you’re doing now through these bills is not going to keep us safe. If only some of us are kept safe, then it is not enough.”

To learn more about the most updated version of HB1020, click here.

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