Mississippi Braves adding staff for 2023 season

Braves hosting job fairs on Jan. 26, Feb. 11.
Published: Jan. 24, 2023 at 6:25 PM CST
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PEARL, Miss. (WLBT) - The Mississippi Braves are looking for new people to join the game-day staff at Trustmark Park and are holding two job fairs to fill those roles: one on Jan. 26 and one on Feb. 11.

The roles, which range from parking attendant, to concession stand cook, to grounds crew, are available to people 16 and older who can work nights, weekends, and some holidays.

Available jobs are perfect for someone who is retired and looking for a part-time position outdoors.

“Some people’s definition of retirement is to do nothing; I’ve never done nothing. I have to do something, have a reason to get up in the morning,” said Roscoe Greene.

Greene is entering his third season as an usher for the Braves. He is an usher in the “VIP” seats behind homeplate, and enjoys meeting and greeting the fans at Trustmark Park.

“I enjoy helping fans get settled into their seats, show them where the facilities are, the concession stand, and that kind of thing,” he said. “We try to create an atmosphere for everybody to enjoy and be able to cheer on the Braves.”

Greene also gets to interact with the players in the on-deck circle.

“I’ve gotten to know several of the players over the years, and I’ve seen them move on up, and that’s been quite a treat,” he said.

Greene said a part-time gig is perfect for sports fans and non-sports fans.

“You don’t even necessarily have to be a baseball fan, if you enjoy being outside, in a good, wholesome atmosphere, if you enjoy helping people get around, I’d say give this a try. If you’re a baseball fan, or a sports fan in general, I can’t see somebody not loving this as I do.”

The part-time roles are also perfect for high school and college-aged kids off from school for the summer, and could even kick-start a career, which it did for Matthew Dispenza.

“My story actually goes all the way back to 2005,” said Dispenza, who started with the M Braves while in college. “I started by responding to a career center post at Mississippi State University, from a friend of mine who knew I liked baseball. She told me, ‘Hey I think you might be interested.’ I responded, filled out some information for a score-keeping job, so I was in the seats the first year.”

Nearly two decades, and multiple teams and states later, Dispenza has a full-time position for the Braves: The manager of ticket operations.

“Life finally came full circle and brought me back to what is essentially a dream job for me, working for the Braves organization, which was always my team growing up, and the organization I always dreamed of working for,” he said.

Dispenza said a part-time job is perfect for a young person who might not be ready for a full-time job just yet.

“The benefit of starting in a position like I did is you got to see the game,” he said. “If you’re a baseball fan, it’s good to have some sort of seasonal position, to be able to get involved with the organization, but also maybe you’re not ready for that front office job, maybe you’re not ready for that full-time responsibility, but you can get excited and be able to learn on a day-to-day basis, as you see the game itself, and that can lead to more down the line.”

Thursday’s job fair is from 5-7 p.m., and the fair on Saturday, Feb. 11, is from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. The job fairs will take place in the Farm Bureau Grill at Trustmark Park.

Available positions include: Bartender, Bat Boy/Girl, Camera Operator, Catering Food Prep, Clean Up / Custodial, Concession Stand Attendant, Concession Stand Cook, Dishwasher, Fun Zone Attendants, Grounds Crew, Host/Hostesses, Kitchen Prep Staff, Line Cooks, Mascot, Merchandise Store Attendant, Parking Attendant, Press Box Staff – baseball stats crew, Promotions Team, Restaurant Wait Staff, Suite Attendants, Ticket Seller, Ticket Taker, Usher, Video Production Crew.

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