Gulfport family brings home third triplet just in time for Christmas

It’s a special Christmas for one Gulfport family and their three-month old triplets.
Published: Dec. 24, 2022 at 9:23 PM CST
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GULFPORT, Miss. (WLOX) - It’s a special Christmas for one Gulfport family and their three-month old triplets.

The triplets were due Dec. 21, but they were born in September. Messiah, a boy, and Ariah, a girl, were able to come home Nov. 15.

But Ezra, a boy, had a little more to overcome. He beat the Christmas deadline and made it home Christmas Eve.

All 3 are perfectly healthy.

“They’re here now,” said mother Aja Valley over their cries. “Upset, but they’re here.”

Valley is happy now, but she was frightened.

“I was because it was an emergency C-section, so I didn’t know what happened. It happened so quick,” she said. “It was actually the day after my baby shower, so I didn’t know what was going on.”

Valley said she loves the holidays, but this year, it took a little longer to start decorating.

“I wasn’t in the Christmas spirit because I didn’t think they’d be home for Christmas,” she said. “But, then, when I heard that they would be coming home, I got back in the Christmas spirit.”

Part of the celebration includes creating special ornaments stuffed with their hospital caps and bracettes.

Valley said this whole journey has been a challenge.

“It was a really big shock to hear that you’re pregnant,” she said. “But then when your pregnant with triplets, I was kind of like, ‘OK. Hold on. Excuse me?”

But she has plenty of help from big brother, Elijah Lee, and dad, Brydarius Williams.

“I recently lost my grandfather around this time,” Williams said. “So, this is like a blessing for me having two boys and a girl...I look forward to spending more Christmas with my kids.”

That’s something that he didn’t have when he was young.

“My mother, she was a single parent,” Williams added. “My father, he wasn’t there. So, this is a big accomplishment for me being in my kids’ life because I didn’t have that as a child.”

Beyond the challenges, Valley is thankful.

“Sometimes it can be overwhelming because it is three. But, they are my Christmas miracle.”

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