Jackson woman robbed at gunpoint at ATM on Terry Road

Published: Dec. 6, 2022 at 7:01 PM CST
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - A Jackson woman says she is terrified and traumatized after two men robbed her at gunpoint at a bank ATM Sunday night.

She says they got away with her car, cash, and phone. Now she’s warning others so they won’t become victims.

The woman is calling on JPD to do more to help combat crime in the capital city. She does not want her identity revealed for safety reasons, so for this story, we’re calling her Jane Doe.

Doe admits she is now living in fear after being robbed by two armed, masked men at Regions Bank on Terry Road.

“I never in my life been so scared,” Doe said. I promise to God I thought I was dead. I thought I was dead.”

She says it happened around 8 p.m. Sunday after driving up to the ATM.

“By the time I stuck this other card in there, the two guys came from the side of the building. One had a 9mm and the other an AR,” said Doe.

She says once the two robbers approached her, they started shouting out demands.

“He said, ‘BEEP put the pin in the ATM, and if you put in the wrong pin, I will spray you, and if it declines, I’m still going to spray you,’” Doe said.

After taking 200 dollars in cash and her phone, she claims the two men then stole her 2015 Dodge Journey SUV.

“The other guy said give me the keys to your truck. They walked to my truck, opened it, cut it off,” Doe said. “They said, ‘Crank it back up to make sure these are the right keys to the truck.’ So they cranked it back up and left.”

Jane Doe says she ran to a nearby restaurant to call Jackson Police. Shortly after officers arrived, she learned the robbers were using her vehicle to rob another store.

“When I was talking to the police, I heard on the radio that a Family Dollar Store had got robbed right after me, and they used my truck,” Doe said.

She is now warning others to be careful when driving to ATMs at night, and she also wants these thieves off the streets.

“Something got to be done because it’s too much going on out here,” said Doe.

I reached out to Jackson Police for updates about this crime but have yet to hear back from them.

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