Water main break flowing for several hours blamed for condo flooding

Published: Nov. 21, 2022 at 7:08 PM CST
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Some north Jackson residents are still reeling from a water main break in the early hours last Wednesday. Days later, the clean-up continues for condo owners who say their homes received extensive flooding because of slow city response. Sand and mud remain around the condos on Parkcrest Place after residents say a water main rushed for hours before it was shut off.

“Mud and sand and everything just came and just was flowing through my house like a river,” said Florean Coleman.

Around three a.m. Wednesday, she awoke to the sound of her burglar alarm, but the intruder was rushing water.

“I looked out the front, and I saw that the water from the city had burst,” said Coleman. “And it was just shooting up in the air and going everywhere, and it came all through my house.”

The whole lower level of the 18-year resident’s home was flooded. Her condo was one of four that took on water.

“The water was running for six to seven hours straight,” said Arun Sunkara.

He is Coleman’s neighbor and was awakened by the fire department.

“I was directly in the path, and water started flowing through,” said Sunkara. “When we opened the door, the mud, all the slimy mud, the clay started piling up inside. So we had to close the door and go upstairs.

Sunkara’s insurance estimates damage at $12,000.00- $14,000.00. Coleman is still awaiting an estimate but has filed a risk claim with the city. Heartbreaking for the 77-year-old who lost this very condo to fire three years ago.

“Now I’m losing it in water,” added Coleman.

According to Jackson City officials, city crews have been working a high volume of water breaks and leaks since last week, mostly due to the drop in temperatures.

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