Owner of Richland gun shop responds to claims regarding damaging weapons, so they’re unsafe

Published: Sep. 27, 2022 at 7:37 PM CDT
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Last week, a gun shop in Richland was accused of damaging customers’ guns and, in one case, to the point where firing the weapon could be harmful. Now, the owner of 144 Tactical said those customers are lying, and he can prove it.

The owner, Shawn Morris, said he’s being accused of things he would never do.

“Not to my knowledge, do I know anything about a gun that was given out to somebody that was unsafe. We have a Quality Control Checklist we go through to make sure we test fire,” Morris explained.

Over the last week, Morris has been put under a spotlight after customers called 3 On Your Side about the shop using improper tools to repair and assemble guns, making it potentially unsafe.

However, Morris said Peyton Bain, the customer who made the claim, didn’t give the full picture.

“When he brought it to us, it was seized up from rust, but we tried everything we could to get it off. We tried to heat it and take it off, and it just wasn’t happening. We had to force this thing off because it was seized, and when we did that, I had to replace the part,” Morris said.

After that, Morris said he suffered a heart attack that caused a delay in several orders. However, Morris contacted Bain about the ordered part and the delay. Bain responded, “Focus on your health and getting yourself back in order.”

“Three weeks later, he sent me no more messages, no more contact. He’s in my shop. I’m not here. He’s threatening to sue us,” Morris said.

As for other claims about improper cerakoting and blemishes, Morris said if a customer is unhappy, those problems are addressed right then and there. But when Bain asked for his gun back and saw it was still incomplete and damaged, there was nothing more he could do.

“We had no chance. We didn’t get to complete the firearm. So you can’t go. You can’t blame me for returning a gun because I didn’t return it. I had to give it up,” Morris said.

Morris said when the shop received the new part for Bain’s gun, he didn’t have time to put the new part on. So when Bain took the gun and claimed he would sue, Morris did not issue a refund.

3 On Your Side reached out to Bain for a response to Morris’ claims. He issued a statement saying in part, “If he obtained the part, there was still no contact that it had been delivered because when I picked it [the gun] up, the ‘replacement’ part was not there.”

Morris also added that any claims that he sexually harassed an employee are untrue and “never happened.” Morris said the accusation was another shot at his character.

According to Bain and Morris, this matter will be settled in court on November 28.

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