Customers accuse Richland gun shop of damaging guns, so they’re unsafe

Published: Sep. 20, 2022 at 6:55 PM CDT
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Customers of 144 Tactical, a gun shop in Richland, are accusing the owner of damaging their guns — and in one case, to the point where firing the weapon could be harmful.

“They don’t need to just be touching anybody’s guns, or they don’t know what they’re doing. It’s a huge issue,” said Peyton Bain. “It could cost somebody’s life.”

On May 31st, Bain took a gun that’s been in his family for almost a decade to get Cerekoted to 144 Tactical.

“When we dropped it off, we kept getting a run around for updates. They messed up the Cerakote to begin with. [We] kept calling, kept calling, never could get the answer that we were looking for, and never could get a hold of the owner. [we] popped in one day, found that gun was absolutely damaged and demolished,” Bain explained.

Bain said the damage wasn’t just a small mistake. Instead, improper tools were used to take apart the gun.

“It actually took a screwdriver and a hammer and tried to beat the nut off of that thread, which then put me at risk,” Bain said.

According to one former employee who wants to remain anonymous, it’s not unusual for improper tools to be used.

“They were just using the most random tools that I had there to put it all together. Hammers or screwdrivers or flatheads. If you do one wrong thing, and you send that home with a customer, and just blows up in their face or something, and then they end up in the hospital,” the employee said.

Bain said when he tried to discuss the situation with the owner, he received several unprofessional text messages implying that if he spoke out on social media, his business would receive poor reviews.

Message between customer Peyton Bain (in blue) and the owner of 144 Tactical (in gray).
Message between customer Peyton Bain (in blue) and the owner of 144 Tactical (in gray).(Peyton Bain)

According to the former employee, that type of action isn’t out of his character. In fact, the employee claims the owner sexually harassed them in the past and exhibited unprofessional behavior with customers.

When no refund or compensation was given by the owner, Bain took to social media to see if this was happening to other people. That’s when he found Rustin Ladner, who paid 100% upfront in cash for his gun.

“I decided to show up to him one day, and they couldn’t find my gun. It took him about 20-25 minutes to even find where my gun was in the store. But he brought my gun out. We’re looking at it on a stand. That’s when I begin to point out all the blemishes, flaws, scratches on the gun, on the fresh paint, you couldn’t miss it,” Ladner explained.

Since then, Bain and Ladner said they haven’t received any financial compensation for their damaged guns and think something must be said before other people’s guns are damaged.

“Did not offer a refund. They still have my half down payment, and I’ve got a damaged firearm that I cannot put together because of the damaged piece,” Bain said.

3 On Your Side did visit the shop Tuesday for comment from the owner; however, an employee said the owner was not in, but a message would be delivered to him.

The owner reached out to 3 On Your Side on Tuesday night and says the store is aware of the customers’ concerns and is working to address the issue.

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