August flooding destroys majority of what was inside several Brandon residents’ storage units

Published: Sep. 13, 2022 at 10:32 PM CDT
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Some residents across the metro are still dealing with the aftermath of last month’s flooding.

Several people in Brandon say they lost nearly everything inside their storage units at StorQuest and are struggling to recoup their losses.

In fact, Amanda Henry said she went from having a five-by-ten unit packed wall to wall to a five-by-five unit with plenty of space.

Despite losing thousands of dollars worth of stuff, Henry said nothing hurt more than having to part ways with the things she can’t put a price on.

“When we first got there, my mom opened the storage unit herself and immediately started crying because she knew that getting those sentimental items was completely out of the question,” she said.

“My mom had a Bible in there from her mom that she had been holding on to. Her mom passed away when my mom was younger, so that’s something that she’s held on to for decades,” Henry said. “She had to sit there and watch me pull it out of a tote that was soaked in water.”

The same goes for Gordon Southam, who lost about three-fourths of what he had in storage.

“The baby pictures and the Christmas ornaments and stuff that is not about money... it’s sentimental value, and you can’t replace it,” he said.

Sentimental value aside, Southam and Henry are also struggling to recoup what was lost financially.

The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency said it’s not able to help because its federal emergency declaration doesn’t include personal property.

This means whether the two Brandon residents get any money back is left solely up to their insurance policies.

“I did have renter’s insurance, and I still do. However, they said renter’s insurance does not carry a flood warranty on the property,” Henry said. “I am completely out of pocket with everything.”

On the other hand, Southam enrolled in the storage complex’s tenant insurance which does cover flooding to an extent.

“That’s only going to be capped at $1,000 it looks like and best case, if [the agent] can find records on both units, it’d be $2,000,” he said.

These Brandon residents said they’ve since found out from other renters that StorQuest has flooded several times in the past.

Management with the complex couldn’t confirm that because they said they didn’t take over ownership until just six months ago.

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