Jackson councilman helps distribute water to those who aren’t able to get to distribution sites

Published: Sep. 5, 2022 at 10:24 PM CDT
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Jackson residents continue leaning on distribution sites to get through the water crisis, but not everyone is able to get to those sites.

Ward 5 Jackson City Councilman Vernon Hartley is taking that issue into his own hands by taking water to those who can’t get it themselves.

One of those people is 83-year-old Louella Patton, who has lived in her West Jackson home since 1973.

“It’s been hard. I’m on this walking stick, and I’ve got this dog. It takes four or five of those bottles to fill up my dog’s water every day,” Patton said.

Councilman Hartley has the effort all mapped out. He’s identified underserved neighborhoods in his ward, and he’s leaning on ‘coordinators’ in those neighborhoods to identify who needs water most.

Kaylin Sheriff is taking on that role for those living on or near Washington Avenue.

“We are a community. We work together,” Sheriff said. “If one is in need, we all work together.”

“We have a lot of senior citizens and some disabled people in the neighborhood that we’re trying to reach,” she said. “It’s hard for them to get out to the Metro Center and some of the other places because some of them don’t drive or don’t have any siblings or kids.”

Sheriff’s neighborhood is one of 20 that Councilman Hartley estimates he’s delivered water to in the last week. In that time, he distributed over 2,000 cases of bottled water.

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