City of Jackson distributes drinking water to three locations

Published: Aug. 31, 2022 at 9:57 PM CDT
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - “It shouldn’t have come to this. It should have never gotten to this day.”

As the capital city’s water issues have been declared a federal emergency, the city of Jackson has kicked water distribution into high gear.

“We have three locations that we’re planning on distributing water from. We are going to get, we will be getting five pallets per station per day. So I guess that will be 15 pallets of water to distribute,” Jackson Fire Chief Willie Owens stated.

Chief Owens says residents can go to now three different locations to get one case of water: Fire Stations 1, 7, and 12.

As for any issues where residents could not get water, Assistant Chief Patrick Armon says communication has been fixed and the three locations should help with demand.

“In anything you know when you first start doing something there’s always gonna be some type of miscommunication or some you know, growing pains but now that we’ve got one day up on our belt I feel like each and every day that we continue to do this it’s gonna give you know a little bit run a little bit more smoothly.”

Residents in the capital city say they never thought the day would come when they depended solely on bottles of water.

“It scares me to know that our water system has gotten so bad. It scares me and I do not like it at all.”

But, residents are grateful the state and President Biden’s administration is throwing their hats into the ring.

“I’m so glad I think God is someone fell inside to step in and help. I am so glad.”

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