Heavy rain could cause flash flooding and standing water

Published: Aug. 23, 2022 at 6:54 PM CDT
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YAZOO CO., Miss. (WLBT) - Places in Warren, Hinds, and Yazoo County have seen up to five inches of rain over the last 24 hours, and with much more on the way, there are a few things for you to remember.

“Never try and drive through a flooded area,” Michael Flood with MDOT. “You know, we always say turn around, don’t drown. I need to get those words tattooed on me because they, you know, it’s such an important statement.”

According to Allie Jasper with MEMA, while some water on the roads may seem harmless, it doesn’t take much to take out a car.

“Six inches of water is enough water to take down an adult,” Jasper said. “Twelve inches of water is enough to float away a vehicle. So just because it’s not reaching the bottom of your vehicle doesn’t mean that that water can’t pick up your vehicle and float it away.”

Jasper suggests putting together an emergency kit now to be more prepared if flooding does happen in your area.

“It’s good to have one ready to go at all times. Things like any emergency supplies, flashlight, important documents that are in a waterproof case, any medicines that you take on a daily basis, things like that. We also say enough food and water for three days,” said Jasper.

If you travel along I-20, use MDOT cameras to check your routes before getting on the road. With numerous hilly areas, you could hydroplane or stall out.

“In the last few years, around Bolton and Edwards, we’ve seen, you know, some portions of I-20 that can flood, you know, like a shoulder and maybe one lane,” Flood said. “No matter what road you’re on, whether it’s a city street or an interstate, you know, if there’s any floodwater running over it, do not try and cross it.”

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