Family, friends raise $10,000 in reward money in hopes of getting justice for Crystal Springs murder

Published: Aug. 11, 2022 at 10:26 PM CDT
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - It’s been one year to the day since a Crystal Springs man was shot and killed in his sleep.

Alex Rosamond’s family and friends have since raised $10,000 in reward money for anyone who comes forward with information that leads to a conviction.

Rosamond is described by those closest to him as the life of the party. Thursday, they held a celebration in his honor in hopes of bringing attention to his case and movement to his investigation.

“He was such a light on this world, and ever since he’s been gone, it’s just been really quiet,” Rosamond’s younger sister, Morgan Towne said.

August 11th would normally be a celebratory time for Towne, but after last year, her birthday will never again feel the same because it’s also the day her older brother was shot and killed.

“This morning I dropped my daughter off, and I went by the cemetery and sat there for an hour,” she said. “It’s just really hard. It’s not a day to celebrate for me anymore because it was the worst day of my life.”

Rosamond’s birthday is just five days after Towne’s, so the two of them would always plan their party together.

Last year, they were supposed to kick off the celebration over lunch.

“We had planned to go around 11 or 12 that day, and I was running late,” she said. “He hadn’t responded, so I just figured he had overslept or something and then, you know, come 3 o’clock, I still hadn’t heard anything. That’s when I knew something wasn’t right and then I got the most dreadful phone call you could ever get.”

Two months after Rosamond was found dead inside his home on Earl Knight Road, the Copiah County Sheriff’s Department changed his case from a suicide investigation to a homicide investigation.

It’s now been ten months since that change was made, and Sheriff Byron Swilley has no major developments to report.

“It’s been really hard. It’s been very frustrating,” Rosamond’s friend, Misty Donahoe said. “It’s hard to grieve someone when their murderer is still running free.”

Sheriff Swilley said they’re waiting on some potentially significant results from the state crime lab but couldn’t say specifically what they’re waiting on.

The sheriff was clear that this is still an active investigation and said he has no plans of asking the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation to take the lead.

All calls and the collection of the $10,000 reward are 100% anonymous.

If you have any information that could lead to the conviction of Rosamond’s killer, you’re asked to report it to Crimestoppers at: 601-355-TIPS.

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