Eighteen-year-old indicted for murder of 21-year-old woman in Jackson

Published: Aug. 7, 2022 at 10:19 PM CDT
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - It’s been more than one year since a 21-year-old was shot and killed in the Capital City.

The parents of the young woman just recently got their first taste of justice.

Twenty-one-year-old Kaylin Banyard was killed in a drive-by shooting less than five minutes down the road from her parent’s daycare.

The 18-year-old who’s allegedly responsible has now been indicted for her murder.

“Just to know that the case is not going cold and that people are actually working on Kaylin’s behalf was just a sense of relief for me,” Katrina Banyard said. “I’m just really excited that we’re on the road to justice.”

Kaylin’s parents, Katrina and Spurgeon Banyard, are now setting their sights on an indictment for Young’s brother - Christen Edley - who was also Kaylin’s boyfriend at the time of the killing.

“We want both of those young men to get life without the possibility of parole,” Spurgeon said. “If you take a life, you need to get a life sentence, and that’s just the bottom line.”

The Banyards lost their daughter on June 30, 2021. Since that time, over 165 others have been killed in the Capital City.

Many of the victims were young, like Kaylin, and many of their families are still waiting for justice.

“Don’t give up. Stay on the telephone with the local Jackson Police Department, and stay on the telephone with the district attorney’s office,” Spurgeon said. “You have to fight for justice for your child.”

The Banyards said the best way they’ve found to cope with losing a loved one is to keep their memory alive.

They’ve done that by hosting a birthday balloon release at Kaylin’s gravesite and holding a Christmas toy drive in her name, where all donations went to children impacted by gun violence.

“Every chance we get, we talk about Kaylin. We don’t shy away from it when people come to us in the public, and they say, ‘I’m so sorry,’ or they don’t know if we can talk about it. We can talk about it because our daughter lived a life,” Katrina said.

Hinds County Sheriff’s Deputies served Young’s warrant on Tuesday. We’re not yet sure when his case will go to trial.

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