Florence family has their ATV stolen while at GotGear

Published: Jul. 20, 2022 at 6:44 PM CDT
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - One Florence family says they are out a ATV after they took it to GotGear in Ridgeland and it was stolen from the property.

What was supposed to be routine maintenance for The Griffin Family’s ATV, turned into several weeks of getting the run-around and having their ATV stolen while on GotGear’s property in Ridgeland.

“May 26th, we brought it in to get service. They’ve had it since then, waiting on parts. Kept calling, kept calling, ‘Oh, we’re gonna have to call you back,’ and never got calls back. That’s why he went over there to see what was going on,” Sarah Griffin said.

According to records from the Ridgeland Police Department, on July 5th, four vehicles were stolen from GotGear - including Sarah and Gabriel Griffin’s daughter’s ATV.

But Griffin said it wasn’t until July 15th, when he and his daughter went to the store and found it was stolen.

“I was very surprised that the four-wheeler was stolen. However, I was extremely surprised that they want me to file it on my insurance,” Gabriel Griffin explained.

Attorney Paul Rogers has dealt with theft at GotGear in the past. He said because no contract was signed by Griffin, GotGear should be liable for the theft.

“Under typical legal analysis, I would say that they are liable for the loss of customer property that is brought to them for sale or repair. The difference would come in is that if you sign something with the merchant, or the dealer, relieving them of liability, I think a document a release of liability, under those circumstances, would relieve them of liability,” Rogers said.

The store’s general manager released a statement saying, “We are working with the Ridgeland Police Department to recover the ATV.”

Sarah Griffin said she understands that accidents happen. However, a lack of communication and cooperation is what’s frustrating.

“I would have been upset about it being stolen. But I’m more upset how they handled it,” Griffin said.

Through further investigation, GotGear has a reputation of being a victim of theft: one theft from several months ago, and two days after Griffin’s was stolen, Ridgeland Police responded to another burglary.

Other customers said they have had issues with customer service in the past as well.

Griffin said he hopes Ridgeland PD will be able to recover their ATV - as it was their 13-year-old daughter’s prized possession.

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