Police in Miss. look into viral video of officer tasing man while handcuffed

Police in Miss. look into viral video of officer tasing man while handcuffed
Police in Miss. look into viral video of officer tasing man while handcuffed(WCBI)
Published: Jun. 24, 2022 at 4:53 PM CDT
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WINONA, Miss. (WCBI/WLBT) - Winona police said they are “looking into” a viral video showing two of their officers arresting a man over the weekend.

Witnesses believe excessive force was used, along with a taser while a person was being taken into custody. The video has been shared nearly 800 times on Facebook.

Now, citizens of the Montgomery County town are raising concerns.

[Watch the video here]

Witness Bill Burt told one news outlet that he feels sadness and anger for Demond Robinson, the man being arrested in the video.

Burt said he was at work when he saw the incident unfold at the Chevron gas station on Applegate Street the night of June 18. He quickly took out his phone and started recording.

Right now, it’s unclear what led to the incident.

“The officer came over to Mr. Robinson and tried to take Mr. Robinson’s phone. That’s when he tried to arrest him and put the cuffs on him,” said Burt. “He grabbed him and slung him on the ground with the cuffs on him.”

But, it’s this moment Burt said he can’t believe happened.

“The officer got up and tased him. Mr. Robinson didn’t try to fight back or anything. It made me feel real bad to see a man treated like that and he didn’t do anything,” said Burt.

“The way he slammed that boy, it was wrong. If you really look at the pictures you can see he had his hand on his face on everything. It’s sad,” said Lakeisha Jones.

Witnesses say that apparently one of the cops tased the suspect even though he was already on the ground cooperating with police.

They also said this isn’t the first time something like this has happened in their community.

“I see crazy stuff all the time, but I never recorded none of it. But that night made me feel really bad so I pulled my phone out and do what had to be done. I think he should be fired. I think they should be fired - the both of them,” said Burt.

Winona Police Chief Roshaun Daniels is aware of the video but declined to comment about the incident.

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