Baptist Convention Youth walk through Georgetown praying for the end to violence

Published: Jun. 23, 2022 at 6:59 PM CDT
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - The National Baptist Convention USA wrapped up Thursday with young people praying for Jackson and an end to violence. Dozens took that message to the streets of Georgetown, where Pastor Arthur Sutton asked them to seek help from above.

Rashawn Johnson of Gary, Indiana, was one of the young people participating in a Prayer Walk calling on a higher power to heal Jackson.

“Help them in times of struggle and help them through times that they need God,” Johnson prayed.

The walk began at Progressive Baptist Church on Powers Avenue and continued through the Georgetown community. The 13-year-old hopes for a brighter future for other young people in the city.

“Some people have dreams, and sometimes it gets ruined because people around them or them themselves are in gangs and do drugs,” said Johnson. “And it harms them, and it harms their future careers.”

In the sweltering heat, members of the National Baptist Convention USA from across the country passed residents and homes, asking for divine intervention to bring peace into their lives. More than 4,000 participated in the Congress of Christian Education.

Fourteen-year-old Dillon Smith of Baltimore wanted to participate in the walk to see the area and know whom to pray for.

“I asked him to help the area flourish, to help people seek a godly person because if they didn’t see a godly person, they wouldn’t want to become a better person,” said Smith.

Executive Youth Director Ralph James grew up in Jackson and mentored more than 300 teens and young adults during the convention. He sends them back to their communities with a mission.

“When it comes to this conflict, it’s important to understand that there is an easier way out,” said James. “You don’t have to fight somebody. You don’t have to kill someone, but you can resolve your conflict through talking it out. It is possible.”

The youth mission also includes service to the community. Thursday, they prepared for the distribution of food boxes to the seniors and the needy in Georgetown.

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