As state approaches triple digit temps, recognizing signs of heat stroke is more important than ever

Published: Jun. 21, 2022 at 6:47 PM CDT
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Those potential triple digit temperatures have the potential to hurt people who aren’t prepared.

According to temperature readings from the WLBT Storm Tracker, it’s 99 degrees outside, and that number is only predicted to go up. So, recognizing signs of heat stroke are more important than ever.

“Really fatigued, you’re really sick to your stomach, you really don’t feel well, you’re sweating more than you normally would. Sometimes you get muscle cramps,” A.M.R. Community Relations Advocate, Eric Phillips, said.

If you stop sweating, have extremely flushed tones on your face, and experience dizziness, Phillips said to call 9-1-1 immediately and seek help.

Phillips said the heat this weekend isn’t a time for those who aren’t use to heat to be spending all day outdoors.

“Someone who spends all day every day outside working in the heat on the roof of a building is a whole lot more prepared than somebody who sits in the office,” Phillips explained.

Phillips said children, although they may be use to being outside, can become victims of heat stroke faster than adults.

“Kids, they get to the point that they respond to the heat a whole lot quicker. And when it happens, it’s sometimes too late when the kids start to have the problems,” Phillips said.

That’s why Phillips recommends for people to hydrate now. Before they plan to be outside this weekend, take breaks in the shade and air conditioning, and drink water and electrolytes during activities.

But if your loved one still gets too hot, ice packs placed on the right locations could save a life.

“We suggest that you use an ice pack, just a simple Ziploc bag full of ice, wrap it up... And we suggest you put them in specific places like under the arm, like under the armpit and either side of the neck. So if you put it to either side of the neck, under the armpit and physically in the groin, that allows for the blood as it’s circulating to actually be cooled a little bit quicker.”

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