Questions linger around 2021 crash that claimed life of Natasha Perkins

Published: Jun. 15, 2022 at 10:15 AM CDT
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - It’s been more than a year since a deadly accident claimed the life of Natasha Perkins. It happened at the intersection of Northside Drive and Bailey Avenue in north Jackson.

Surveillance video shows a car traveling at a high rate of speed crashing into another vehicle that appears to be trying to turn left.

Natasha’s mother, Keisha, says the driver who crashed into her daughter was never arrested and she even alleges the driver was over the legal alcohol limit.

“Me looking at the accident report, she had alcohol in her system,” Keisha says.

3 On Your Side obtained the original crash report from Jackson police. The paperwork lists Alanna Robinson as the driver who caused the deadly crash.

One part highlights that she had no driver’s license. We did some digging and found no records of a citation or arrest.

In the police report, there is a “yes” under the “suspect alcohol usage” box, but the section for “test status” says “test not given,” which indicates a sobriety test was never done at the scene.

“Depending on if the individual was in the wreck got hurt, and if they are transported to the hospital, then everything would have to take place at the hospital,” explained attorney Kevin Camp with the Camp Law Firm

Perkins’ legal team claims there were no records from a medical facility proving Robinson ever took a sobriety or blood test. Camp, a DUI lawyer, says in most fatal crash cases, alcohol and drug tests should be a top priority.

“If alcohol is suspected, what they want is a follow-up, and they want to see what the deal is,” he said. “It could be that they do investigate and they say the person is not intoxicated. A lot of time, they are going to try to err on the caution of Let’s get a blood test or breath test and make sure.

In the meantime, Perkins says they are still waiting on updates from JPD hoping to get justice for their daughter.

“We miss her a lot,” her father said. “We miss the jokes, the personal time we had, we miss all that. I don’t know what JPD [is going to] do, but they need to do something.”

We reached out to JPD about these concerns, and Deputy Chief Deric Hearn told us the case has now been turned over to a grand jury.

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