South Jackson residents struggle with ‘eyesore home’

Published: May. 5, 2022 at 10:19 PM CDT
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Neighbors can butt heads every once and awhile over minor issues, but there is nothing minor about what some homeowners in South Jackson are currently dealing with.

Junk and debris litters one South Jackson neighborhood as one home’s garbage overflows into other people’s yards - and residents say it’s taking down property value and hurting them.

Broken doors, car parts, live electrical wires, a burned down home, and live animals can been seen in the pile of waste.

Residents who live near by say they’ve had their electricity and water stolen by the home owners.

“They’re trying to bleed this over into other people’s property,” said Joseph Daughtry, the Natchez Police Chief and friend of a resident on the street. “And that’s unacceptable. You can’t park broken down cars on people’s lots and just leave it there.”

Neighbors say they have called the Jackson Police Department, the city, and Jackson Councilman Aaron Banks about the issue - but nothing permanent has ever been done.

“Overnight, it seemed to grow,” said Larry Lee, who lives across from the home. “Each time the Jackson Police Department or housing authority come through here, they clean it up. And then it get backs even worse.”

According to Councilman Banks, it’s the responsibility of code enforcement and the Community Improvement Division to communicate the status of the properties.

Residents say it doesn’t matter who, but someone has to help alleviate the situation before it gets any worse.

“From my perspective... it’s a hazard. To be honest with you, if a small fire ignites over there, this whole block is going to be go,” said Chief Daughtry.

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