City and state leaders say they are ‘shocked’ by Governor Reeves’ vetoes

Published: Apr. 28, 2022 at 7:43 PM CDT
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Three major projects that were vetoed by the governor Thursday involved the Capitol City.

Both city and state leaders say they are not happy with the governor’s decisions and think it was vetoed for the wrong reasons.

“We are very disappointed in the governor’s actions,” said State Senator John Horhn.

Disappointed and confused are just some of the emotions of both city and state leaders after Reeves vetoed three major projects that were approved during the last legislative session.

Over $16-million was to go towards the LeFleur’s Bluff complex, Jackson’s planetarium, and a new parking lot for the Convention Center. Now, those projects won’t be moving forward.

“Jackson is struggling in so many ways and we need as much economic development activity as we can lay our hands on,” stated Horhn.

Horhn claims he doesn’t know exactly why Governor Reeves vetoed the projects, but thinks his decision could have been influenced by Jackson’s infrastructure problems.

However, Horhn says infrastructure was still going to be worked on while the three economic developments were being completed..

“As much money as the city puts up, the state is willing to match dollar-for-dollar. However, in the midst of all these problems in Jackson’s past, this was a real opportunity for us, it was an opportunity to create jobs, there was an opportunity to create a destination, a true destination in our Capital City.”

Deputy Director of Cultural Services with the City of Jackson, David Lewis, issued this statement about the city’s planetarium: “We are shocked and discouraged by the news about the Governor vetoing the $2 million funding for the Planetarium. We are hoping to open a line of communication with the Governor’s office to review our options.”

And Senator Horhn has a similar plan. “We would divide a conversation with the governor and see if we can get a better understanding of his rationale, why he did what he did, and try to improve that relationship between the legislature.”

Senator Horhn says these projects could be talked about again this year if the governor calls a special session - but Horhn doesn’t see his doing that.

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