How severe weather is impacting homes across Central Mississippi

Published: Apr. 18, 2022 at 6:43 PM CDT
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no, it was hail the size of golf balls coming down on residents in the Jackson metro. Thirty-one reports of hail around central Mississippi left behind a lot of damage.

“Yesterday was the first time and it took us by surprise. We had the vehicles out of the garage and I panicked a little bit and danced around at the door because I couldn’t get them,” Clinton resident, Fran Peacock, said.

While the Peacock family saw only pea-sized hail, according to Watkins Construction and Roofing Salesman, Ryan Bell, others saw larger and denser hail that damaged parts of homes.

“Think about a ice cube coming out of your freezer that’s the size of a golf ball falling from the sky, that’s going to be a lot more damaging than some of the places that we’ve been,” Bell explained.

And with recent storms involving both hail and high winds, Bell said it’s important people look around their home and see if their is any damage.

“Hail coupled with wind can really affect the roof because then you have that hail that’s coming in, you have strong winds, it’s slamming into the roof just a little bit harder,” Bell said.

But Bell says even the hail that sounds small could do enough damage that needs to be examined

“Like the white noise on your tv when it can’t find a channel. Sometimes you’d hear a few ‘thunks’ like when it hit a car or something,” another Clinton resident said.

“If you’ve been in the storm of the week club, and in those areas, you’ve probably had several incidences as your instances at your house. So let’s get somebody out there to take a look at it. It may be nothing, it may be it may be completely damaged roof and something that you won’t know until you haven’t looked at,” Bell said.

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