Jackson residents brace for more severe weather while still recovering from the storms two weeks ago

Published: Apr. 12, 2022 at 10:25 PM CDT
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - The spring season is taking Mississippi by storm, forcing some Jackson residents to brace for another round of severe weather when they still haven’t recovered from the storms two weeks ago.

Those near Winter Street are still dealing with toppled trees and downed power lines after strong winds and an EF-1 tornado swept through the Capital City on March 30.

“I’ve been over here almost 34 years, and we’ve never had it this bad over here. Never,” resident Jennifer Glover said. “I’ve been by myself eight years. I lost my husband eight years ago, and I just thank God it didn’t hit me.”

Others weren’t so lucky.

One resident, Melvin Green, has a massive tree still down in his front yard, keeping his nine-year old daughter from being able to play in the area.

Green said, even two weeks after the storms, he’s still struggling to get his power restored.

“I don’t have any refrigerated food: eggs, meat, everything. I go out every day and buy our food,” he said.

The lack of electricity is forcing him to sleep in his car and his daughter to sleep at neighbors’ houses.

“You’ve got a little child that needs lights to maintain the well-being of her body,” he said. “I’m hoping and praying that they do something pretty soon.”

Meanwhile, the Winter Street residents are all hoping tomorrow’s threat isn’t as bad as the last time.

MEMA’s spokesperson said Tuesday that the Federal Emergency Management Agency is on the ground tallying up damage numbers from the storms over the last few weeks. She said most of the reports so far were from the weather on March 22 and 30, not so much from last week.

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