Canton residents march to end gun violence and for justice

Published: Apr. 3, 2022 at 10:31 PM CDT
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CANTON, Miss. (WLBT) - Over 100 people marched in Canton today to remember those victims who lost their lives due to gun violence in the growing city.

Sunday afternoon in Canton, the number ten could be seen on dozens of shirts. However, it’s not just a jersey number. It’s actually the number of people who have lost their lives here due to gun violence since April 2021.

“What we want to do is to kind of use these shirts as a jersey and keep marching until that number becomes zero on the back,” Pastor Antoine Barlow said.

Mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters of those who have died in Canton because gun violence, came out to take a stand against the senseless crime happening on the streets.

“My son was shot down when he left my house. He was shot down like a dog,” Mary Nason said.

“It was so crazy because Jamal didn’t do anything to anybody,” Termerica McDonalds said.

Concerned citizens and pastors marched from South Liberty Baptist Church to Holy Child Jesus Gymnasium while chanting and singing hymns of hope. They want justice for the gun violence victims.

Some family members said it starts with people coming forward.

“Tell what you know, because you know it. It’s so many people that know Jeff’s death. They knew it before he got killed,” Nason said.

“I’m asking the people in Canton to think about it. What if death hit your front door. What would you do?” McDonalds said.

Pastor Antoine Barlow of South Liberty Baptist Church echoed that sentiment. He said this march is the beginning of a movement in Canton.

“Once we put this program together, it involves things that we’re doing civically, but it also involves those things that we’re going to be doing legislatively and educationally. We care, and we want something done about not only gun violence but bullying as well,” Barlow said.

Canton Police Chief Ortha Brown is asking anyone with information to please come forward so these homicides can be solved.

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