Christian film ‘with an edge’ filming on Gulf Coast

Joshua Ashton, the producer of ‘Sword of the Spirit,” is taking a grittier take on his Christian experience.
Published: Mar. 13, 2022 at 10:29 PM CDT
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GULFPORT, Miss. (WLOX) - A Christian film with a rough edge is filming on the Gulf Coast. The film is based loosely on the troubled childhood of Joshua Ashton.

Ashton, born in Los Angeles, went through a series of what he refers to as spiritual attacks.

Now he’s bringing his story of redemption to life through film.

A group of filmmakers is coming together to tell the spiritual journey of a young man from Los Angeles. Joshua Ashton, the producer of ‘Sword of the Spirit,” is taking a grittier take on his Christian experience.

“It’s a story of an individual that anyone can relate to. Somebody who’s gone through some trials in the beginning of their life and had a rough upbring and stuff like that,” Ashton said.

Despite the gritty take on his film, Ashton said it’s not just for shock value.

“It’s more of a spiritual attack is more of what I’m trying to get at. It’s more of a spiritual battle, a spiritual warfare instead of a battle between flesh and blood,” he said.

The opportunity to write the script for his film came from being laid off due to COVID-19. Ashton seized the chance to bring his story from script to film.

“It actually gave me time to finish my script. You know during that downtime when everyone was locked down, I kinda took advantage and the Lord told me to just go ahead and get it out now,” he said.

To direct “Sword of the Spirit,” Ashton acquired the help of Dusty Brown, an upcoming director on the Gulf Coast. Brown took on the project being aware of how hard life can be on some people.

“Not everybody’s story is sunshine and rainbows. It’s a spiritual rag to riches story and it’s a pretty potent one at that,” Brown said.

At first, Ashton was reluctant to film on the Coast, but as the pandemic numbers have gone down he noticed the spike in film production.

“I thought it was too far-fetched to consider filming it out here on the Coast. I thought everything was out in LA and come to find out there’s a lot going on out here. Come to find out this is Hollywood south. Got an agent this and that and now I’m doing my own films,” he said.

The release of “Sword of the Spirit” is to be announced, but both Ashton and Brown said they have a particular goal in mind.

“It’s with an edge. We’re trying to reach those people that an average Christian film doesn’t,” Ashton said.

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