Multiple law enforcement agencies investigating two deaths in Newton County

3 On Your Side discovers area that could be crime scene
Published: Mar. 7, 2022 at 8:42 PM CST
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NEWTON CO., Miss. (WLBT) - Multiple law enforcement agencies are investigating the deaths of two females in Newton County, and though those agencies have provided little information to the public, 3 On Your Side discovered what could be the crime scene Monday on a road not far from the Conehatta community.

At least five pairs of gloves marked a dirt trail off McDill Road -- which a passerby found and suggested we examine -- suggest that the bodies found Friday night in the Conehatta community were discovered on tribal land just outside the community.

After an hour of trekking up and down the sparsely populated McDill Road, someone led WLBT to an less-traveled path off the main road, littered with trash, furniture, and three areas with substantial pools of blood, including a soaked chair cushion.

The person who found the blood said it looked like motor oil, and didn’t think anything of it at first.

Our crew found at least five pairs of gloves, many that appeared to have been worn and turned inside out, at the front of the dirt trail, almost marking it for others. We also found another glove near the first pool of blood.

Crime scene technicians, paramedics and investigators typically discard their gloves at crime scenes after examinations are complete.

The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation — the lead agency in this case, according to FBI Jackson spokesperson Taylor Pavich — has not disclosed where those two bodies were found or anything else in the case.

The only information released in the case has come from the Choctaw Police Department, which suggests the deceased females were found on tribal land and are part of a criminal investigation.

Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians spokesperson Misty Brescia said CPD, the FBI, the Newton County Sheriff’s Department and MBI were all working together on the case.

“Identification of the individuals will be released once all necessary parties have been notified,” Brescia said in a statement.

Resident Willie McGee, who lives less than a mile from that suspected crime scene, says people have already started talking about the incident.

“My cousin, he was telling me,” McGee said. “He was up there moving the rocks, and he told me, ‘Y’all didn’t hear about those people getting killed up thereabout?’ I said ‘Nah, I didn’t hear that.’”

McGee says the discovery of those two bodies is disturbing to him but not unusual for the area.

“Every time somebody gets shot or killed or something, they always drop them off in our neighborhood,” said McGee. “It’s been happening for years.”

At this point, several questions remain, especially as it relates to the cause and manner of death.

Though MBCI’s latest statement refers to the investigation as criminal in nature, not one law enforcement agency has labeled the case a homicide investigation.

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