EXCLUSIVE: From Clinton High School to Super Bowl LVI, Cam Akers takes the field

Published: Feb. 10, 2022 at 9:44 PM CST
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - If your child were to make it into the NFL, at what point do you begin planning for the Super Bowl?

“You know, there was talk about the Rams being front runner for the Super Bowl but I can assure you there was not a plan to go to the Super Bowl,” said Cam Akers’ father, Conni Akers. “We were kinda like, ‘When it happens we will just attack that when it comes.’”

For the Akers family, the time is now! Cam, only in his second season with the LA Rams, will realize his lifelong dream of playing in a Super Bowl.

But this dream didn’t happen overnight. In fact, his first time on the field, Conni had second thoughts.

“The first day, his first scrimmage, I had some doubts,” he explained. “He got out there against the Jackson Steelers and he fumbled, like, five times and I looked at his mom and I said, ‘I don’t know if we made the right choice.’”

But within weeks, things came together and something special emerged.

“For you, when did you realize this kid is special?” I asked Conni.

“Uh, it was at an early age,” he responded. “He was just a little more advanced than most kids his age.”

That’s a humble dad. Family friend Robert Jones puts it plainly: “I remember we were playing in the league over here in Jackson, and Cam actually broke a record. It was like 30 something touchdowns.” Cam was only 6 years old.

The accolades kept coming - just like the touchdowns. From Clinton High School, to Florida State, to, eventually, the LA Rams.

Cam’s first year was nearly overshadowed by the coronavirus.

“We were able to go to one game and that was Tampa Bay,” Conni said. “We had to go down there and I think, at that time, that was the only team that allowed fans in a limited capacity.”

Then during Cam’s second year the stadiums reopened, but a devastating injury to his achilleas sidelined Akers for what many presumed was the rest of the year.

“As with any athlete, when you get an injury, that doubt kinda creeps in, you know, you go through phases like, Is the injury bad? Once you find out what the injury is, How long will I be out?” Conni said.

But Akers spent the majority of this season rehabbing and that “Something Special” that family members saw in him as a child came through.

“I just saw in Cam that he had the ability to work hard. Yeah, his dad and them, they pushed him. They did do that. But he wanted it,” Jones stated.

The desire paid off and Cam beat the odds, returning to his team months ahead of schedule, helping them punch their ticket to So-Fi.

And win or lose, his family will be there cheering.

“I’ve never been to a Super Bowl, so it’s going to be a great experience,” Cam’s father said. “But to see him put in all the hard work and achieve this lifelong dream, it’s going to be fantastic.”

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