FedEx blames COVID as local customers experience shipping delays

Published: Jan. 5, 2022 at 6:33 PM CST
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RICHLAND, Miss. (WLBT) - Earlier Wednesday, a line of people curved into the parking lot outside the Richland Ship Center. Each person having the same problem - unshipped packages.

“I’ve been waiting since Dec. 27th,” said one person.

“I was suppose to have the package Monday at noon and I still haven’t gotten it,” added another. “I have nothing.”

Folks say they waited for up to two hours at the location - with one employee seemingly going back and forth from the front desk to the warehouse to get packages and a manager claiming the wait was because of staffing issues.

“There was about 10 people ahead of me that said they had been there for hours.”

FedEx released a statement to WLBT about the specific location saying that, “Some of the employees at the Ship Center tested positive for COVID-19″ and they were “adjusting our operations to the best of our ability.”

However, folks say they are still frustrated because the items they need are time sensitive.

“It’s a laptop. It’s a work laptop and I need it. Desperately need it, I needed it Monday at noon. I’m losing money. I lost money because of it.”

And when customers called the store, they told us they were given everything but a straight answer.

“They said it was out for delivery. I called down here three times and they told me that they didn’t have anyone to deliver the packages, but it was in-route. But I still haven’t received it.”

“My scans keep changing and now it says business was closed, attempted delivery. They didn’t make an attempt and I work out of a residential house.”

Also, the issue doesn’t seem to just be in Richland. Two men told me they drove from Huntsville, Alabama to Richland to get their packages for their company.

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