Local boy with big heart feeds the homeless

Nine-year-old Laurel kid dreams up a big idea to provide food for the needy
Braxton Thomas (left), and his mother, Brittney (right).
Braxton Thomas (left), and his mother, Brittney (right).(Mia Monet)
Published: Dec. 23, 2021 at 10:36 PM CST
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LAUREL, Miss. (WDAM) - The season of giving can impact anyone at any age. Nine-year-old Braxton Thomas is no exception to the rule.

Tuesday morning, the homeless community at Cotton Mill Park was served a traditional Christmas dinner. It’s all because of Braxton.

“I was coming just to help the homeless because I always don’t like... I just don’t like seeing them sitting alone and just looking lonely,” says Braxton.

Braxton says he’s been wanting to do this for a few years.

“Every time we pass by a store like in Hattiesburg or somewhere in Laurel, I always see a homeless person by the side of the road, and some reason whenever we go inside a store, I will start crying for a little bit,” says Braxton.

It took him so long to do it because his mom, Brittney, says she couldn’t afford it.

“I just really had never been able to afford it to be able to do it all at one time, like feeding and supplies and just giving out what you wanted to need,” says Brittney.

Their church, Sweet Hope Baptist church, heard about Braxton’s wish and wanted to help bring it to life.

“They surprised us, they picked up a love offering and that helped like tremendously, like that covered 95 percent of everything,” says Brittney.

Not only were they able to feed them, but they also passed out backpacks with supplies.

“I want to help them one day because I always you have homeless people around the city and the state whenever we go somewhere, and I want to help one day, and today was that day I wanted to help them,” says Braxton.

Brittney says she is blessed to have a son as kind and giving as him.

“I am very proud of him. He’s smart, handsome, respectful. Biggest heart. He just surprises me a lot of the time. I’m in shock like this is really my child,” says Brittney.

She’s not the only proud parent. Brittney says Braxton’s father, Nicholas Barnes, is watching over them as their guardian angel.

“He passed away in 2017. And I know he’s with us every day, and I know he’s so proud of him, you know, with how he’s doing,” says Brittney.

Braxton says when he grows up, he wants to be a professional football player and inspire as many people as he can.

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