Lexington residents have issues and concerns over the city’s police department, police chief and mayor decline to comment

Published: Dec. 7, 2021 at 10:49 PM CST
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) -Residents in Lexington are voicing their concerns and frustrations about the city’s police department.

They’re accusing officers of harassment.

For Shirley Gibson, she said LPD paid her an unfriendly visit on December 2nd.

“They bust up in my house,” said Gibson, lifelong Lexington resident. “An officer caught me by my neck, slung me on the ground, they mased me not once but twice, they jumped on my son, they hit him, they stomped on his feet. I’m very terrified because this isn’t the first time they did this. They did not have a search warrant.”

Gibson showed Three on Your Side photos that she alleges show the bruises she suffered from that incident.

The Lexington resident said police told her there was a shooting in the area of her home.

She claims she tried telling police they had the wrong home.

Gibson said she, along with her 20-year-old son, was arrested, taken to jail, and charged with resisting an arrest.

“How can I resist an arrest when they bust into my house, and they never had a search warrant? They never said you have the right to remain silent; they never read anything, said Gibson.

But Gibson isn’t the only resident making these kinds of complaints.

More than a dozen other residents came to the Lexington Board of Aldermen meeting wanting to bring these issues directly to city leaders.

There was no section for public comment on the agenda to do so, fueling more frustration from residents.

Some residents wanted to remain anonymous but said they want change and more accountability from city leaders.

“It’s like the Wild Wild West,” one resident wanting to remain anonymous expressed. “I blame the mayor because she let this stuff happen. Where is the accountability? The accountability starts at the top.”

“It’s unconstitutional, and we need help here in the city of Lexington,” said Pluma Gibson, Shirley’s sister. “My sister and her son need justice; the citizens need some peace.”

Following Tuesday’s board of aldermen meeting, Three On Your Side approached the mayor and police chief, and both declined to give an initial comment.

However, Chief Sam Dobbins did tell us he’d speak with us addressing these accusations later this week.

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