Increasing crime numbers are impacting Jackson businesses

Published: Dec. 7, 2021 at 6:31 PM CST
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Jackson businesses are being impacted by the record number of homicides and are choosing if they want to stay in the capital city.

Over the past few years, the city of Jackson has seen a dramatic increase in the number of homicides. And as those numbers go up, more local businesses are having to adjust to stay open.

Eric McKie is the 3rd generation owner of Green Oak Florist in Jackson. He said he has considered leaving Jackson before for safety reasons.

“We’ve had a lot of problem with crime. We have had conversations regarding leaving. It definitely affects our decision going forward about how long we’re going to stay,” McKie said.

McKie said his business sees 2 to 3 incidents a year that either hurt their revenue or their employees - and they have changed how they run the store.

“We have 50 some odd employees here that live their lives and work here. So, when we have crime, we have theft, we have things like that, it does more damage than just the revenue,” McKie said.

However, President of Greater Jackson Chamber Partnership Jeff Rent said it can also impact how much it costs to run the business in the capital city.

“I know that when there’s an area that’s experiencing an increase in crime, the insurance rates for those companies can go up and nobody wants to pay more right now,” Rent said.

While business owners are concerned about being targets of crime, they said the revenue from such a dense population keeps them here.

“This is still a good place to do business. This is the center of population in the region and we have a lot of thriving businesses here,” Rent said.

“We really want to stay in Jackson, we really do. We believe that Jackson as the capital city has a lot of importance and duty. But, there’s a lot of problems that need to be resolved to keep businesses like us here,” McKie said.

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