Customers need to keep themselves and purchased items safe while holiday shopping

Published: Nov. 26, 2021 at 7:25 PM CST
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Thousands of shoppers filled local shopping centers for Black Friday to get those unbelievable deals.

However, with more shoppers comes more opportunity for crime.

“It’s exciting to see in 2021 now, the end of this year, the stores are back bustling again,” Greg Flynn said.

Each year, millions of Americans head to their favorite retail stores to get the best deals for the holidays. But it’s also a time when some cities see a spike in crimes of opportunity.

And that’s why Pearl Communications Director Greg Flynn said more Pearl police officers were out patrolling.

“The more that people see the visibility of our officers, the less chance that those undesirables will take advantage of people. Those crimes of opportunity is really what you look at this time of year,” Flynn said.

Flynn said shoppers need to take extra precautions during the Thanksgiving weekend because high-priced items are more likely to be in the backseat of a car.

“Do not leave things on the seats. You know, once you buy your merchandise, put it in the trunk so nobody knows it’s in there. If you put it in the backseat, lock the doors, put a blanket over it just so the guys can’t, guys or ladies, can’t just look in and say ‘Oh, there’s a flat-screen TV’ or ‘Oh, there’s an air fryer that would look great under my tree’,” Flynn said.

In addition to keeping your items safe while still shopping, Flynn said get your holiday gifts out of the car even when you get home.

“I know that sometimes you don’t want to bring it inside because it’s a Christmas present. Either drop it off at your work, drop it off at your neighbors, put it in the neighbor’s house, or bring it in your house. Just don’t leave it in your vehicle to sit overnight because, again, you just opened yourself up to that crime of opportunity,” Flynn said.

Flynn added that if someone feels unsure of a situation while shopping or driving home to call Pearl police for help.

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