Holiday procrastinators head to the store as Thanksgiving quickly approaches

Published: Nov. 24, 2021 at 8:59 PM CST
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Thanksgiving is just hours away and some people are heading back to the stores for some last minute and forgotten items.

Thanksgiving is the perfect time for families to show off their cooking skills to families and friends. However, that only works if you have every ingredient you need.

“I forgot Crisco and so I came here for Crisco. You got to have Crisco for a pie,” said Greta Mills.

According to the management of Corner Market in Belhaven, the top three items people come back for is Chitterlings, cranberry sauce, and spices - all items that are involved in the popular side dishes during the holiday.

“Little bit of everything,” confessed Marquetta Wells. “Chitterlings, greens, all those necessities that usually we have at this time of the year. Those things that go with the dressings and so forth.”

Along with more savory items, customers are coming back because of their sweet-tooth - dessert items.

“If I don’t bring a pecan pie, they will send me back packing,” stated Angela Hollins.

In fact, customers are so desperate for the ingredients, some say they are traveling further and coordinating with folks in other areas of the city to get certain items.

“If you start early enough and make enough stops at different stores, you’ll probably come up with it,” continued Hollins, “Or make a few calls to some friends and say ‘What did you see over there?’ or ‘Grab me a can of that.’”

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