‘Life, family, faith’ | Here’s what many of you are thankful for

Published: Nov. 24, 2021 at 2:39 PM CST
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Thankful is defined as ‘conscious of benefit received,’ and a single question we posed online proves more people are aware of their benefits.

“Name one thing you’re thankful for on this eve of Thanksgiving,” we asked online.

There were dozens of comments in a matter of minutes and over 400 responses in a couple of hours.

“Life, my children, and my health,” Glenda Sissy Nickelson said.

“All the positive in my life that good friends, family, and my fur kids bring me,” Stephen Strong chimed in.

“I am so thankful for my family and the friends who truly love me and my family as theirs! I am thankful for healthy children! I am thankful for my Lord and savior!” Kathy Cauthen exclaimed.

Name one thing you're thankful for on this eve of Thanksgiving.

Posted by WLBT 3 On Your Side on Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Life, family, and faith were the top three responses, and few people could name only one thing they were thankful for.

Many WLBT viewers, like Teresa Lucky, shared a recent story of how her life was miraculously spared.

“I am thankful for God’s hand of protection last Friday. My husband has been tearing down a house on our property. He had removed several pieces of plywood from the walls of the building. I was trying to move some stuff from under it while he was bulldozing just behind it. As he was bulldozing, a wire that was attached to the building got caught in the dozer blade, and 4 seconds later, the building had completely collapsed,” Lucky said.

Before she realized it, she said the debris had pinned her under, but she managed to scoot around and find a loose board to climb out.

“I had a gash on my leg and several sore spots, but no broken bones. God had prepared me a spot just my size to let me fall into, although I was completely pinned by 2 X 6′s. Today, I am thankful to be alive and to know Jesus!”

Thankful for my miracle yesterday! My husband has been tearing down a house on our property. He had removed several...

Posted by Theresa Leach Lucky on Saturday, November 20, 2021

And Karen Smith joined the conversation, overwhelmed with gratitude for her husband, who conquered COVID-19.

“He is still here to celebrate Thanksgiving with us. He wasn’t expected to live past Wednesday a week ago. I’m so thankful we will be celebrating our Thanksgiving together in the swing bedroom at South Sunflower County Hospital. God is good!”

Life is a benefit we’ve received.

Family... a benefit.

Faith, food, warmth, protection... are all benefits that many of us take for granted until it’s snatched away.

Thanksgiving eve, the virus had taken 10,262 more benefits from Mississippians.

Hearts were shattered, and homes were uprooted as family matriarchs, patriarchs, and even children like 13-year-old MKayla Robinson, were robbed of life.

MKayla came home from school with a sore throat, but over the course of two days, she had a 105 temperature, was too weak to walk, and had difficulty breathing.

“She was having trouble breathing, so that’s when I ended up running to get her inhaler and called 911,” MKayla’s mom, Mykel said. “By the time I went to the hospital, she had started coding.

MKayla’s parents buried their daughter in August.

Months later, J.C. Johnson had to bury her sister and two children at once.

“Someone who had been exposed to someone who had it came to my sister’s house knowingly and did not alert them that she had been exposed,” Johnson said. “I don’t want their deaths to be in vain. You don’t want to go to the doctor; you don’t want to get the shot; stay away from people.”

63-year-old Patricia Johnson Barnes-Frazier, 43-year-old Fleuretta Parker, and 41-year-old Heath Barnes, contracted the virus.

Nationwide, 1,285,495 people have died of COVID-19.

Thanksgiving 2021 is the first major holiday since the worst part of the pandemic and 53.4 million people are expected to travel and gather with family and friends around food and laughter - conscious of life’s benefits.

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