Taking care of your mental health during the holidays

Taking care of your mental health during the holidays
Published: Nov. 22, 2021 at 7:40 PM CST
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - In just a few days, families and friends will gather to celebrate Thanksgiving.

While families get ready to gather around the table to enjoy some good food and fellowship, others are experiencing the Holiday Blues.

“We have some people separated from your loved ones due to Covid and the other factors, and then there are those who have lost individuals because of Covid. There is anxiety because of the hassle with shopping and general depression also,” stated Dr. Damien Thomas with Resilience Counseling & Recovery Center in Flowood.

He says if you are feeling low this holiday season, there are ways to take care of your mental and physical well- being.

“Volunteering your time is a big deal and trying to go out and help someone else, it makes a difference. We also encourage others to get outside and exercise and not be so hard on yourself if you’re not able to live up to expectations of someone else.”

Thomas also says stop comparing your holidays to others you see - especially on social media.

“When we make that comparison, the underlying message is, ‘I must be insufficient or something must be wrong with me because I don’t have all the things I’m seeing on TV, social media.’ Is that is the underlining message? You should deal with the people who are close to you and talk about the things that you all do, and it may not be based on a certain amount of money, certain car, or a certain home, but it’s based on your Thomas says don’t be afraid to talk to someone close to you about your emotions or seek professional help.

“If you don’t have family around, there are friends that you could potentially connect with and try to reach out to them.

Also, acknowledge your feelings and let them know that you would like to spend time with them. One of things we struggle with as individuals, for whatever reason, we don’t reach out like we should, and we have to do a better job of asking for help. If we can do that, we can find the holidays just as fulfilling.”

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