Pickens man accused of pouring gasoline on their neighbor’s house while holding a lighter

Published: Nov. 18, 2021 at 10:33 AM CST
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - A family in Pickens is accusing their neighbor of pouring gasoline on their house last Thursday.

”It has been very terrorizing. It’s been a very terrorizing, very traumatic experience,” home owner and mother Delorine Edwards said.

What was a typical Thursday afternoon for Delorine Edwards and her two sons, Ian and Dorian, quickly turned into their worst nightmare.

“Gas was from the end of the road, up my sidewalk, my steps, my front porch. Even my fall wreath had gas in it,” Edwards said.

Edwards quickly found out from other neighbors that her neighbor across the street, Jamie Thompson, had been pouring gasoline on her property and had a lighter in his hand.

“My neighbor comes from across the street and tells me I need to go to the police station because he has been on my property, he walked all the way up to my front door and he dropped something,” Edwards said.

Soon after, Edwards contacted Pickens Police and Thompson was arrested. However, according to Pickens Police Chief Joe Davis, Thompson is only charged with attempted arson and trespassing - neither of which are a felony.

“It’s not considered arson because the intent isn’t there because he did not actually strike the lighter and actually set my house on fire,” Edwards said.

Now, Edwards has been trying to find ways to better protect her family.

“I do not qualify for a protective order because it was not a domestic situation. There are no peace bonds and there are no restraining orders,” Edwards said.

Luckily, Edwards had overwhelming support from friends, family, and neighbors, offering to watch her house on their own time.

“I’ve has people to tell me they work at night so they’ll make sure they’ll team together and patrol the area. But, these are regular, everyday people. It’s not their job to protect and serve but I thank God for them,” Edwards said.

Pickens Police Chief Joe Davis said this case is still under investigation because a motive has not been identified.

Holmes County Sheriff Willie March added that evidence is has been sent to the crime lab as well.

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