‘They took part of me’: Worker at Byram jewelry store hit by thieves says she’s heartbroken

Published: Nov. 16, 2021 at 10:21 PM CST
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - An employee at Platinum Jewelers in Byram spoke out Tuesday after the store was ransacked by thieves over the weekend.

The surveillance video shows thieves smashing glass and stealing thousands of dollars worth of inventory.

The store on South Siwell Road was back open Tuesday after employees spent the entirety of Monday cleaning up broken glass.

“We worked until five o’clock yesterday afternoon, and we’re still getting glass up,” employee Shirley McMullen said. In addition to jewelry, the thieves also took a piece of her which is what upsets her the most.

“When they take away your trust and your confidence and your assurance that you’re safe at your job, they’re taking something they can’t give back,” she said. “That’s wrong.”

The store’s owner declined to speak on camera but said they always lock up all the jewelry before leaving for the night. He said that night was the only exception because he had a lot going on and had open house the next day.

That’s why McMullen feels the thieves had been plotting to hit the store for quite some time.

“Maybe they’ve been watching,” she said. “As I said, I think they’ve been stalking the store.”

After living in Byram for over 25 years, she said she’s only ever known it as a safe place to live but that this incident took away her confidence in others.

“Any days that I’m here by myself now, I’m going to wonder if I need to lock the door,” she said. “I’ve got to build my trust back up in people.”

Byram police believe two men were behind the break-in and estimate they got away with $20,000 worth of jewelry.

However, the store’s owner said – after running through the inventory again today – it was much more than that.

“For somebody just to come in, make a mess, take what they want, and go when they can go to work and come in here and buy it, it just it breaks my heart,” she said.

Byram Police Chief David Errington said it’s still very much an active investigation and that they’re following several potential leads to find the suspects.

As for the store, the owner said he’s bolstered security and won’t make the mistake of not locking up all the inventory ever again.

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