Guest Editorial: Black on Black crime

Published: Nov. 3, 2021 at 6:20 PM CDT
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Fall is usually the best time in Mississippi and especially Jackson! We have great weather, lots of festivals and winning football teams that has everyone excited! Shouldn’t those things be our top stories?

Instead, we are forced to report record homicides and rampant crime! Aren’t you sick of it? I know I am…and it’s getting worse.

I am also tired of the excuses from leaders that murders are happening everywhere!

And you know what I am more sick of, that just makes me angry….is the Black on Black crime. Yes, I am going there and calling it out!

Where are the parents, where are the community leaders outrage, where are our leaders outrage?

Why is it that a criminal can commit a serious crime and bail out within 24 hours?

Now I know there are a lot of good people, ministers that are praying along with others trying to do things. I know law enforcement is working hard in spite of the lack of resources, manpower and void leadership. I applaud your efforts!

We have yet to see a crime plan or the mayor showing any empathy or anger about this issue. We have yet to see Black people out protesting about how bad the crime is especially with what black folks are doing to each other!

We need to change the narrative folks! We need to stop the killings and move forward. We have such a great place to live but crime is driving folks out of Jackson, destroying economic development and growth and creating fear in general.

We are losing our young people and for what…I mean really for what? The Black on Black crime has to be addressed. The leaders of our city and state must stop passing the buck and somebody in leadership needs to come up with a strategic thorough plan to address the turnstile judicial system, crime in general.

This is a local issue, this is a state issue but more importantly it’s everybody’s issue!

Yes Black Lives DO Matter. We know all lives matter but in my opinion, our activism should not be limited to cases of white police brutality, abuse and murder.

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