Death of Crystal Springs man garners social media attention as suicide case turns into homicide investigation

Published: Oct. 12, 2021 at 10:52 PM CDT
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - The death of one Crystal Springs man is garnering a lot of attention on social media.

The Copiah County Sheriff’s Office initially ruled Alex Rosamond’s death a suicide until yesterday when they announced the man’s autopsy results proved it was a homicide.

Those closest to Rosamond said they knew he was murdered from the very beginning.

“I don’t know the evidence. I’m not a crime person, but I know my brother,” said Rosamond’s stepsister Tonya Stringer. “I just know him as a person and know that he’s not capable of that. I just feel like when you grow up with somebody, you learn them. You know their head space and kind of where they are.”

She added that Rosamond’s father and best friend noticed certain things at the crime scene that looked more like what happened was a homicide than a suicide.

Rosamond was shot and killed in his sleep at his home off Earl Knight Road on August 11th — just five days before his 40th birthday.

Copiah County Sheriff Byron Swilley said when he got the call that night, his dispatcher told him it was a suicide.

According to Stringer, Rosamond’s father and best friend told Swilley that it looked like a homicide, and Swilley said he neither agreed nor disagreed. He simply told them it was a death investigation.

Rosamond’s family said he never met a stranger.

“I just don’t know of anybody that would have any ill feelings toward him at all,” Stringer said. “It just has blown us all away.”

“To me, he’s my brother,” she said. “Even though he’s not my blood brother, he’s my brother. We have always had that bond.”

Last Friday, someone who knew Rosamond replied to a Facebook post on the Copiah County Sheriff’s Office page asking what the latest is on his death, only to receive this reply: “To those of you so preoccupied with the Alex Rosamond case, if you have any helpful information, please feel free to contact the Sheriff’s Office. The family is very much aware of all that is happening in this case. No other information will be released except to family.”

This post has since been taken down.

“The way that it was stated just felt like there was no concern for Alex,” Stringer said. “There was no urgency about finding out who did this to him.”

She said her stepbrother knew a lot of people in Crystal Springs and feels that somebody knows something but just isn’t coming forward.

One of Rosamond’s friends started a Facebook page to bring more awareness to his murder and to provide anyone who might have information on his death an avenue to contact those closest to him. In just two days, his page already has over 2,400 followers.

“I know my brother is in a better place. Of course, I’d rather have him here,” Stringer said. “I just keep holding on to the hope that whoever did this is going to be found and brought to justice. Then maybe we can start to heal and get some closure.”

Sheriff Byron Swilley wasn’t available for an interview Tuesday, but he did give WLBT some information over the phone.

As it relates to the aforementioned Facebook comment by the Sheriff’s Office, Swilley said he’s addressed the situation with the person who made the post and admitted it was unprofessional.

Swilley said he and his team are doing all they can in the investigation and wants nothing more than to lock up Rosamond’s killer.

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