Mississippi’s Democratic Party is rebuilding

Published: Oct. 5, 2021 at 9:12 PM CDT
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Mississippi Democrats are realizing they’ve got to go back to the drawing board if they’re going to win. Now, they’re trying to rebuild the infrastructure - everything from candidates to campaign support and messaging.

“Long term vision is to have us as Democrats in Mississippi to start winning from the local level all the way up,” explained Mississippi Democratic Party Chairman Tyree Irving.

But they aren’t trying to just throw candidates to the fire without a game plan and training. That’s where the National Democratic Training Committee comes in. They’re partnering with them for the first time ever.

“Well, the hope is this is just the beginning, you have to start somewhere,” noted Anthony Robinson, National Democratic Training Committee Political Director. “You lose 100% of the races that you never get into, that you never run. So this is just the beginning with these three trainings that we have. And what it really talks about is taking the initial steps.”

The trainings will focus on everything from building visibility to a campaign plan. Chairman Irving says they’ve got to build a better bench.

“You know, the party... sad to say, but it’s a fact, we have a bunch of old folks, and we need to bring a lot of young people in,” said Irving.

Irving believes Democrats have to do a better job of telling their story and explaining their platform.

“Misinformation that’s out there that make so many people believe that the Democrats is about just giving away to lazy, trifling people who don’t want to work,” said Irving. “And in order for us to win here in Mississippi, we have to debunk that falsehood.”

He says it’s possible to turn the state blue but it can’t be a racial split at the ballot box.

“There are not enough Blacks here who are going to vote overwhelmingly Democrat,” added Irving. “But as I’ve said to my Democratic friends, white Democratic friends, if we could get 20 to 25% of White Mississippians voting solidly Democrat, then we the Democrats could own this state.”

For more information about the virtual leadership bootcamp, click HERE.

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