Woman who found missing 5-year-old talks about what happened

Published: Sep. 23, 2021 at 5:44 PM CDT
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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - The woman who found 5-year-old Henton Dean Wednesday morning is telling her story.

Jessica Calvert said she had no intention of going to the search area Wednesday morning, but that changed when God spoke to her.

Calvert said she was led to an intersection on Grissom Rd. and that God asked her to look for the number 2. She said that she came across an address with that number and found a nearby spot to park.
“I sat in my car for a while just praying. I was saying, ‘O.K., Lord, what now?’ Just a few minutes later I was looking into the pasture and saw a little blonde headed kid come out. He was just walking along the fence line,” Calvert explained.
No one else was around when Calvert first spotted Dean. A few moments later, Billy Clearman and Lyndsey Tew spotted Calvert waving and pointing toward a field. “I saw her going toward the fence, yelling,” Clearman said. “Lyndsey Tew saw it and we looked to our left and saw the little boy. I said, ‘wow!’.”
They ran to Henton who appeared to be all right except for some scratches. “At first I thought, ‘This is really not him, right? This is another kid.’ I was looking for another adult around and there was nobody,” Calvert said. “It was no different than if I had gotten my hands on my little five-year-old child.”
“It was a treasure to see two mothers running to a little boy and to see when Jessica got there, the little boy jumping up and putting his arms around her,” Clearman recalled. “It was a great thing as the two mothers walked the boy back.”
Calvert says this situation only reinforces her faith.
“There’s nothing impossible for Him. If He can bring me to this spot and bring a kid out of the woods that’s been searched for for 15 hours, then He can heal anybody,” Calvert said.
Calvert also pointed out that Dean was standing just feet away from a large cross that was on the property.

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