Hinds County family heartbroken after losing three loved ones to COVID

Published: Sep. 14, 2021 at 7:34 PM CDT

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) -Imagine having to plan a funeral for not one but three family members.

This is the tragic reality for one Hinds County family after three of their loved ones die from COVID-19.

“The impact of receiving that information, our response was, hold on hold on, what just happened,” said J.C. Johnson, who’s related to the three victims.

Johnson’s sister, 63-year-old Patricia Johnson Barnes-Frazier, and two of her kids, 43-year-old Fleuretta Parker, and 41-year-old Heath Barnes, contracted the virus in August.

Within one month, all three died.

Parker died from the virus on August 15th, while Frazier and Barnes both died on September 4th.

“Within five minutes of each other, Heath and Patricia had passed, said Johnson. “That goes to say that neither of them knew that the other was gone.”

Still heartbroken over this tragedy, Johnson said all three deaths could’ve been prevented, especially after finding out how they contracted COVID.

“Someone who had been exposed to someone who had it came to my sister’s house knowingly and did not alert them that she had been exposed,” said Johnson. “Now they got to live with this fact for the rest of their life that they caused three people to be dead before their time.”

His sister had just become a great-grandmother.

While Johnson was happy about that news, he’s now saddened knowing Frazier never got a chance to meet her newborn great-grandson.

At this time, Johnson said he’s not sure if his sister, niece, and nephew were vaccinated.

He’s hoping this tragedy will show people just how quickly COVID can spread and the impacts it can have.

“I don’t want their deaths to be in vain,” Johnson expressed. “I don’t want anyone to die needlessly. It’s a bigger picture than the individual not taking a shot or taking a shot. It’s a bigger picture than just that person’s privacy and their rights. It’s a bigger picture because it involves everybody. You don’t want to go to the doctor; you don’t want to get the shot; stay away from people. Don’t impose upon them an early death sentence.”

Johnson said his sister, niece, and nephew were living in Florida when they died.

Their bodies are being brought back to Hinds County, where a funeral is being planned for them later this month.

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