A group of teen boys prayed at a Brandon restaurant. The image went viral.

Published: Sep. 9, 2021 at 3:51 PM CDT
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BRANDON, Miss. (WLBT) - Members of the Brandon football team went viral last week after a photo of them surfaced online.

Their actions not cringe-worthy, but instead very worthy of praise.

By now, you just might have seen the photo that went viral. Holding hands, praying before a meal. Doing what they normally did, not realizing anyone was watching.

I got a chance to speak to a few of the players and their moms about their amazing viral moment. 

“On Thursdays, we normally do team-bonding before a game...” said Johnathan Crain. “We all come together and have a good time.”

“We are used to taking our hats off and praying before we eat. It’s just traditional,” added Eric Clark.

These young men didn’t even realize anyone was watching. But one lady was, and her post and picture went viral.

“We looked on Facebook and next thing we know we had, like, 3,000 views,” described Jarvis Durr. “And everyone kept sharing it and posting it and sharing it.”

The image of the young men, both black and white, heads bowed, hats off, holding hands. But also united in prayer. No adults in sight. Their mothers couldn’t be prouder.

“And I think raising your child young, teaching them the right thing at a young age, will lead them to do what they know is right and correct for him,” said Dimitri Crain.

“I think it’s important that we pray over them, but they also know how to pray themselves because you never know when someone may call on them to pray,” Kimberly Clark. “Or when they may encounter someone who needs prayer that they may need to go pray for.”

The praise isn’t lost on this group, or the other 20 or so kids who were with them. They offer these words of encouragement to other young men:

“Make sure you’re always respectful. You never know who is watching. And lead by example and surround yourself with good people,” said Jevon Durr. “Hang out with the right people.”

The boys tell me they hope their actions will inspire others to always do the right thing, even when no one is watching.

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