New survey reveals Mississippians views on COVID-19 policies

Published: Sep. 6, 2021 at 8:30 PM CDT
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Of the Mississippi voters who were surveyed, a little more than half have been vaccinated.

Still, only 37% of the state’s total population is fully vaxxed according to the most updated report by the State Department of Health. But in speaking with folks, it’s clear that these answers aren’t always written in stone.

For Timothy Donahue, his sister’s severe case impacted the way he thought about the vaccine.

“I’m somebody that was kind of against it,” said Timothy Donahue. “But I’ve swung completely the other way because this is a killer. You know, and there’s no telling. We don’t know the long term with the vaccination, because it had to come out relatively quick. But weighing the odds, your chances of getting passes or 1000 to one better if you get vaccinated.”

Mississippians polled in this survey overall aren’t on board with vaccine “passports” in most forms. For example, 46% of voters do not think private businesses should make vaccines a condition of employment.

“I’m very much it’s your choice to be vaccinated,” said Misa Meadows. “However, I do feel like especially with professional healthcare workers and such, if they’re knowledgeable on the vaccine, they wouldn’t be so afraid to get vaccinated because more knowledge and more comfortable you will be. But I think it’s your choice.”

But some folks say it’s needed.

“Everybody should need to be vaccinated period,” noted Kevin Porter. “Whether they want to or not, they should be.”

A point of agreement in the survey comes from a question about whether voters think overcrowded hospitals should be able to deny admission to COVID patients who had refused to get vaccinated - 75% think that’s taking it too far.

“I don’t know,” added Meadows. “Yeah, if you’re sick, you shouldn’t discriminate against who’s afraid and who’s not to get vaccinated.”

“Because, you know, they are sick or not feeling where, you know, you turn them away then some happen,” agreed Teresa Porter. “I feel they shouldn’t.”

Fifty-seven percent of those polled still mask up in public places.

“I keep my mask on,” said Kevin Porter. “And the only time I take it off is in the house.”

Seventy-five percent of those polled say they’d support a special legislative session to spend some of the federal COVID relief funds on shoring up hospitals, paying health care workers and other COVID fighting measures.

To review the full survey, click HERE.

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